• Gain practical knowledge of Islam from a qualified teacher in a fun environment.
  • Provide our youth with a big brother / big sister mentor figure.
  • Strenghten the brotherhood and sisterhood bond among our youth through sports and other team building activities.
  • Islamically guide and personally help our youth on issues they face in life.

Program Content

  • Sports and Team building activities.
  • Fiqh of Taharra, Wudu, Salath and fasting.
  • Hadith
  • Basic Aqeedah
  • Lives of the Prophets and Sahabaas.
  • Islamic Etiquette
  • Practical Issues that the youth face like
    • Self image
    • Music In Islam
    • Sports in Islam
    • Puberty
    • Dealing with the opposite gender
    • Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol
    • Respecting Parents
    • Bullying
    • Being safe on the internet

Additional Programs

Invite guest speakers, community professionals and counselers to conduct interactive workshops and to share practical advice with our youth on a regular basis.

Program Fees

  • Program Fees : $100 per semester
  • Payable through Chase QuickPay (alhudayouthprogram@gmail.com)

Student Guidelines

  • When students arrive to the Youth Program, they must proceed straight to the classroom and not hang out in the lobby or the parking lot (unless directed by the mentors/coordinators)
  • When the class goes for salah in the prayer hall, all the students must go with the group.
  • When the class goes out to play during the youth sessions, all the students must go with the mentors and stay with the class even if they are not going to play.
  • When students need to leave class early, parents are required to inform the mentors or the coordinators.
  • Parents should consider volunteering when requested especially for special events (in the Masjid or off site) to monitor the youth.
  • Students must bring a notebook, writing utensil and other required material to each class.
  • No cell phones, iPads or any other gadgets are allowed during youth sessions unless directed by the mentors.
  • Students are expected to wear modest clothing that covers the satr. Hijabs are mandatory for girls. No tights or shorts allowed.
  • Students are expected to display best Islamic manners. Any behavior issues or misconduct will be dealt by the mentors at a personal level.
  • Parents who allow their kids to drive to the Youth Program without parent supervision are required to inform mentors/youth coordinators.