The Akron Black Stockings Base Ball Club was organized in 1995 to keep the history of the sport alive and to promote good sportsmanship.  Mark Heppner, the former Curator of Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens who was instrumental in organizing the Club in 1995, marvels, “I simply saw a need to remind people of what was important about the game of baseball – fun, entertainment, and gentlemanly competition.  The success of the Akron Black Stockings has truly surpassed any dream that I had!”

The team is supported by members of the community and based at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens.  Home games are played on the great meadow of this historic Tudor Revival mansion.  Costumed players and an umpire call this makeshift, all-grass-diamond field home!

According to tradition, the gear used is minimal – no gloves (players catch balls with their bare hands), a slightly larger and softer ball than the type used today, and a thin bat.

The look and attire of the Akron Black Stockings Base Ball Club was originally based on the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings.

In 1996, the Black Stockings joined the Vintage Base Ball Association.  The Association provides both a forum to discuss the accuracy of historical representation and a place for teams to meet and swap stories and recount big games.

The Akron Black Stockings' Club motto:

“Playing the game of base ball as it was meant to be played.”

Meet the Black Stockings

Tim "No Joke" Kidder


Ron "Fair Play" Gay


Chase "Freight Train" Zonfa


Don "The Beard" Jarvis


Keith "Stitch" Patterson


Rob "One Bounce" Searle

Shane "Not Right" Gault

Dave "Old Oaky" Cobb II

Scott "Tiny" Hamblin

Dennis "Slim" Bennett

Chris "Doc" Zonfa

Bill "Bulldog" Gay

Eric "Shadow" Longville

Zach "Shoeless" Patterson

Tyler "Patty" Patterson

Noah "Lil Spin" Spinner

Dominic "Nooch" Paolucci

Tyler "Splits" Cross

Jacob "Firecracker" Stump

Anthony "Ant Man" Vicini

Justin "The Rocket" Cole