A.J. Fillo is a Ph.D. candidate and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University (OSU). His specialty is thermal and fluid sciences, with a focus in combustion. A.J. received his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University in December of 2016. Advised by Dr. David L. Blunck, his master's thesis presented an unprecedented experimental investigation and analysis of the turbulent flame speeds of liquid jet fuels. A.J. is currently advised by Dr. Kyle E. Niemeyer and is continuing his investigation of liquid jet fuels computationally using the direct numerical simulation code NGA. His experimental work on turbulent flame speeds and computational work on multi-component mass diffusion in turbulent flames has been well received by the combustion community, and earned him a visiting research position at the California Institute of Technology. As a Ph.D. candidate A.J. also serves as instructor of record for OSU and mentor for undergraduate students in his lab.