Air Con Maintenance 

Aircon Maintenance Tips

Maintaining an air conditioning unit is an effective way to ensure that the device continues its functionality into the future. Although most systems are designed in a way that allows them to cope with consistent use, it’s not unheard of for things to go wrong from time to time. For those in need of aircon maintenance tips, the most useful is to get in touch with an air conditioning repairman and request that they take care of the technical side of things.

For those that prefer to attempt the repair work themselves, here are a few pieces of advice on how best to do so.

Keep the external fan clear

Regardless of whether the unit is used to expel cold or warm air, it will likely feature an external fan system. This is one of the first parts of the composition that can suffer with damage from debris, so keeping them clean and clear can be a good way to maintain their functionality. The main concern when trying to clear the fans and connected ducts is that the blades can sometimes be sharp.

If in doubt, always contact a professional aircon installation expert.

Run the system every few weeks

Another concern relating to air conditioning and HVAC units is that they can be prone to malfunctioning if they aren’t used often. Even when their features aren’t required – it can be a good idea to switch the appliance on from time to time to allow its features to clear. In some cases, the water supply can become stagnant and although it will clear once the device is activated, the smell can become a problem, as can the tendency for mosquitoes and other pests to lay eggs and breed.

Running a device for an hour every fortnight can help to ensure that the features remain functional ready for the next use.

Clean the filter from time to time

The filtration system within an air conditioner will slowly build up grease and this can lead to a less functional level of operation. Cleaning the filter every so often is a good idea, typically once a year will suffice - unless the unit is used daily, in which case a more frequent clean might be necessary. In any event, a full filter can result in slower operation and the air conditioning features might not be quite as functional.

A good maintenance expert should be able to help with any air con cleaning and repair tasks and as they are trained to spot issues as they arise, it can be possible to put an end to a potential concern before it’s able to spiral out of control.