Netherlands is a country in the northwest of Europe sharing border with Germany, Belgium, and the North Sea. The country is also known by the name of Holland. The Dutch (citizens of Netherlands) are a culturally liberal and open-minded people. The contemporary Dutch financial system is prominent for being open, prosperous, closely structured upon foreign exchange and trade, a vital European transportation hub, and having a fairly mechanized agricultural business. The port of Rotterdam is the most important and most up to date port in the Region. Though the cost of living in Netherlands is among the lowest in Europe, the actual living costs varies according to the way of living and on the area of residence. As in the majority of the countries, the big cities are more expensive than rural areas. The average total cost of living for a month is expected to be between €750 and €1,000, including €280–€600 of accommodation, €240 for food, books/stationery €70 and other €270. In addition, the transport cost is reasonable too as the most common and inexpensive mode of transportation is bicycle.

Although it is a non-English-speaking country, but since 1950 Netherlands is the first non-English speaking country to offer study programs conducted in English. Large number of courses and programs are taught in English. International students from Pakistan being non–EU are required to have a valid permit and aim to study. Students may be able to obtain discounts on some purchases if they have an international student card. Costs may differ according to the type of accommodation, transport, and financial situation of a student. Types of accommodation offered include on-campus; staying with a family or renting/sharing a flat. Higher education tuition fees e between charged are €6,500–€32,000 annually for non-EU international students depending on the course and level of study.

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