2nd International Workshop on

Applied AI for Database Systems and Applications

Held with VLDB 2020, Monday, August 31, 2020, Tokyo, Japan


The AIDB workshop brings together researchers and practitioners from the database systems and the AI communities, with the goal of investigating new research opportunities in the design and implementation of database systems and applications with emerging AI technologies.

Recent years have witnessed a widespread increase of interest in developing modern query processing and analytics systems for handling high volume, high velocity, and high variety data. To efficiently support various types of database applications, these systems must be well designed, implemented, maintained, and optimized to achieve optimal performance. Facing this challenge, database systems developers either leverage statistical methods or entirely rely on human experience to decide on the best possible implementation. In the meantime, the artificial intelligence community is experiencing a resurgence due to the emergence of new machine learning techniques (e.g. deep learning) and massively parallel processors (e.g., GPU). This resurgence inspired database researchers to apply emerging AI technologies to build advanced database systems and applications. Observing this trend, our workshop targets at offering the researchers and practitioners from both, the database systems and the AI communities, a unique chance for presenting their latest results in designing and implementing next-generation database systems and applications with AI support.

AIDB workshop pays special attention to "AI for Databases", and it attempts to advance database system development using AI technologies. The workshop also aims at exploring AI-powered mechanisms for developing the next generation database-backed applications.

AIDB 2019 website: https://sites.google.com/view/aidb2019.