Pax Terra Constitution and History

This is the website for the Pax Terra corporation on AG. It is filled with all the information you could ever want on our history and constitution. Please come and join us at We will be happy to have you!

Summary 2016-2017: For anyone not versed in Latin, 'Pax Terra' means Earth Peace. We wish to become the ultimate governmental force and strongest corporation, through peace and diplomacy, as well as war and military might. When it comes to war, we take pride in our espionage abilities.

Summary Jan.1 - June 30, 2018: We seek peace, not power. We do not care how high our power or your power is, we welcome all. We only wish to explore the universe, and the boundaries of humanity. This is an experiment in government to find a good governmental system, and while we denounce corporations with no voting and dictatorship, we are obviously in no position to fight them.