Radio and Podcast Interviews

ABC Radio Melbourne, AU; Saturday Breakfast with Hilary Harper (8 April 2017);

Sustainable Dish podcast (22 March 2017);

Optimal Performance podcast (4 May 2016);

570 News, Kitchener, ON (28 April 2016).

1310 News, Ottawa, ON (27 April 2016).

News Talk 770, Calgary, AB (26 April 2016).

Super Human Radio podcast (7 March 2016);

Journalistic Articles (Authored)

“I Mean It When I Say that We Can’t Be Vegetarians, But….” Palgrave Macmillan Campaign for the Humanities (2 June 2016);

“Why It’s Impossible to Actually Be a Vegetarian,” The Conversation (26 April 2016);; roughly 2 million views and republished, among numerous other sources, by Salon, The Washington Post, IFLScience, Macleans (Canada), The Daily Mail (UK), Metro (UK), The Houston Chronicle, Huffington Post (Italy), and ScienceAlert.

“Is the U.S. Facing a Budget Crisis? Let’s Discuss,” Rowman & Littlefield Blog (22 March 2011);

Journalistic Articles (About My Work)

Alex Mulcahy, “Editor’s Notes: Feed the Worms,” Grid (7 April 2021);

Aine Carlin, “Why There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Vegan,” The Guardian (15 November 2018);

Heather Shayne Blakeslee, “A Vegetarian Philosopher Questions His Own Eating Practices,” Grid (3 August 2017);

Alex Swerdloff, “This Vegan Professor Says There’s No Such Thing as Real Vegetarians,” Vice (29 April 2016);

Brandon Baker, “Drexel Professor’s New Book: It’s Impossible to Be Vegetarian,” Philly Voice (7 March 2016);

Alex McKechnie, “Thinking of Being a Vegetarian? Well, You Can’t” (24 February 2016),; reprinted in Natural Awakenings (May 2016): 34,