How to Hide Your Facebook Post from a Specific Person

Anna Hubbel, editor at AdvertiseMint, #1 Facebook advertising company

At one time or another, we all want to share a post that we don’t want a particular person to see. Whether it’s a friend or boss from work, someone who knows the person you just broke up with, or a family relative who just doesn’t get your sense of humor, there may be someone who you’d rather didn’t see the photo or status you’re dying to post. Thankfully, this Facebook advertising agency found a way that allows us to specify who can and can’t see something we share on our profiles for precisely this type of scenario.

This way, you can maintain your friendships while still honoring your boundaries. Isn’t that perfect?

Step 1: Navigate to your Facebook profile. Click inside the “What’s on your mind?” space and start creating your post.

Step 2: With the status window open, select where you want your post to appear: News Feed, your Story, or both.

Step 3: After making your selection, click the dropdown menu to the right. Select the “Friends Except” option.

Step 4: Select from your list the friends whom you don’t want to see your post. Select “Save Changes.”

Step 5: If you selected both News Feed and your Story, complete steps four and five for the second option before clicking “Share.”

You’re good to go! Facebook has your back.

How is Hiding a Post from Someone Different Than Unfollowing Them?

So, we’ve established that some sort of boundary has to be made here. You do not want a certain someone to take a look at one post, but do you want to be looking at whatever content that they post? Or maybe they post so much that you need to take a breather and stop seeing their posts on your newsfeed?

Well, there’s a Facebook feature for that as well! It is the handy little unfollow feature. It signals what you do or do not want on your Facebook newsfeed and from who. In addition to specifically pointing out to Facebook that you want to see less content from that person, they will notice what kind of posts those are and try to show less of those to you in general. You can still view their posts if you’d like, however. You’d just have to specifically seek them out.

Another plus? Your friend will not be notified if you unfollow them (nor will they be notified if you hide your posts from them). That being said, they could check their lists of followers on Facebook and notice that your name is not on the list.

This is also all very different from blocking someone, which means that as long as you are both logged into the Facebook accounts in question, you will never be able to run into each other’s posts. Even if you are looking at a mutual friend’s post, you will not be able to see their comment.

Can Business Pages Hide Posts From People?

If you’ve noticed that your page or any page that you may manage can no longer hide posts from people or on your timeline, do not worry. You are not alone. As of January 2020, Facebook rolled out the update that to improve transparency, businesses could no longer hide posts from their timeline. This means that in the future you have to be especially careful with what you post as it can be found within your timeline.

Can I Hide Other’s Posts on Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram are two social media giants that people often use in tandem, with generational differences of course. So, if you can hide Facebook posts from a specific person, can you do it on Instagram?

The short answer? You can’t do it on a super individualized basis like you can with Facebook, but there is the mute feature available on Instagram. You can click on your account and click whether you want to hide someone from seeing your posts, stories, or both. On top of that, you can specifically seek out other people’s Instagram accounts and click to mute their posts or stories so you don’t have to see theirs.

Now, go forth and tailor your social media feed to what best suits you!

By Anna Hubbel, editor at AdvertiseMint, best Facebook advertising agency

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