How to Control Who Comments on Your Facebook Posts

Everyone, including this Facebook ads company, agrees that when it comes to social media, privacy matters. From interactions to recommended Facebook ads, your social media experience is solely your own. It matters who sees your posts, who contacts you, and who comments on your posts. Today a new privacy feature appeared on Facebook. This feature allows you to choose who can comment on your public Facebook posts making everyone at Advertisemint rejoice. Options include your friends, your friends’ friends, and the public (anyone on Facebook). Here’s how you can control who comments on your Facebook posts.

On Mobile

Step 1: Go to the “More” Menu

Go to your settings by clicking the three-lined hamburger icon on the right side of your screen.

Step 2: Go to Account Settings

Scroll down until you find “Account Settings.” Click “Account Settings.”

Step 3: Go to Public Posts

In your account settings, scroll down until you find “Public Posts.” Click “Public Posts.”

Step 4: Choose Your Audience

Here you can choose who can comment on your public posts, similar to choosing who you want to target for your Facebook ads. Choosing public will allow anyone who stumbles upon your post to comment. Choosing friends of friends allows your friends and their friends to comment on your post. Choosing friends allows only your Facebook friends to comment on your post.

On Desktop

Step 1: Go to Settings

Go to settings by clicking the expand button. Scroll down to “Settings” then click it.

Step 2: Go to Public Posts

From the left column of your settings, click “Public Posts.”

Step 3: Choose Your Audience

Choose who can view your public posts here.

Has this feature rolled out to you yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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