Adrian Stegovec

I am an assistant professor of linguistics at the University of Connecticut. In my research I focus primarily on syntax, semantics, morphology, and the interaction between them, in particular in relation to the problem of linguistic universals and crosslinguistic variation.

You can find my CV here.

Research Topics

syntax/morphology: agreement ~ argument structure ~ Algonquian (Arapaho) ~ clause typing ~ cliticization ~ comparative syntax ~ ditransitives ~ generative typology ~ person restrictions in syntax ~ Slavic (Slovenian) ~ verbal idioms ~ V-C movement ~ word order  

semantics: clause typing ~ directives (imperatives & subjunctives) ~ discourse particles ~ mood & modality ~ perspective encoding ~ speech acts ~ syntax-semantics interface


Contact Information


Address: 365 Fairfield Way, Oak Hall, Unit-1145,

 Room 351 (Office), Room 368 (Mailing)

06269 Storrs, CT, USA