Adrian Stegovec

I am a PhD student of linguistics at the University of Connecticut, and this academic year also a dissertation fellow at the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute. In my research I focus primarily on syntax, semantics, morphology, and the interaction between them.

You can find out more about my research here.

You can find my CV here.

Research Topics

syntax/morphology: agreement ~ argument structure ~ Algonquian (Arapaho) ~ clause typing ~ cliticization ~ comparative syntax ~ ditransitives ~ person restrictions in syntax ~ Slavic (Slovenian) ~ verbal idioms ~ V-C movement ~ word order

semantics: clause typing ~ directives (imperatives & subjunctives) ~ discourse particles ~ mood & modality ~ perspective encoding ~ speech acts ~ syntax-semantics interface


Contact Information


Address: 365 Fairfield Way, Oak Hall, Unit-1145,

Room 365 (Office), Room 368 (Mailing)

06269 Storrs, CT, USA