Paula Fenger

I am graduate student at the University of Connecticut. I received my Bachelor in Dutch Language and Culture and my Masters in Linguistics from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My work focuses on morpho-syntax and morphology from a cross-linguistic perspective.

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Person portmanteaux agreement - V-C movement in Algonquian and Germanic - Microvariation in Dutch agreement - Derivational affixes - Impersonal pronouns - Dutch prefix 'be-'


Ksenia Bogmolets (UConn) - Ava Creemers (UPenn) - Jan Don (UvA) - Gísli Rúnar Harðarson (UConn) - Olaf Koeneman (RU) - Marlijn Meijer (HU Berlin) - Adrian Stegovec (UConn)

Contact Information

Contact information:

365 Fairfield Way

Unit-1145, Room 365 (Office) Unit-1145, Room 368 (Mailing)

06269 Storss, CT USA