Behavioral Approach: Mergers and Acquisitions

This line of research explores how firms solve problems in the process of making an acquisition deal happen. Projects in this area focus on firms’ communication strategies for managing their investors’ reaction, their contracting strategies to negotiate M&A contracts, and changes in their acquisition behaviors in subsequent deals.

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Behavioral Approach: Inter-Organizational Governance

Similar to my studies on mergers and acquisitions, I also adopt a behavioral approach to study other inter-organizational relationships such as alliances and buyer-supplier relationships. Projects in this area focus on several aspects of governance, including the choice between formal and relational governance, contract negotiation and design, and contract amendment. I apply social psychological theories to understand the roles of learning, capabilities and knowledge, and framing in such a way that will influence how the exchange partner will interpret the contract and how they will act to fulfill their obligations under than contract.

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Other project

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