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The Facts About Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is known for being addictive and it's also known for some of the harmful effects it cause to those who drink it. From drink driving to cancer, alcohol can cause deaths and life changing damages to those who abuse it.

However, the fact that it's legal makes many people wrongly believe that alcohol is safe. Here are some of the facts about alcohol addiction to help you to better understand the causes and effects of alcohol abuse.

What is alcohol?

Ethanol, or ethyl, is the scientific name for the alcohol within alcoholic drinks, but there are other forms of chemical alcohol, too. Butanol and methanol are chemical forms of alcohol that are a lot more toxic and powerful than their counterpart.

If these are consumed they can cause blindness, damage to the liver and also death. Ethanol is the kind of alcohol that is found in readily-available drinks – and although the side effects are not as extreme, it's still not healthy to drink alcoholic drinks on a regular basis.

Alcohol is a depressant substance

Substances known as depressants slow down the body's responses and different kinds can do it in different ways. However, a small amount can make people feel more sociable. Too much leads to hangovers and in many cases, those under the influence will often forget events that happened whilst they were drunk. Too much alcohol can kill – and in a variety of different ways.

What can alcohol abuse do?

A few drinks on occasion can be okay, but too much can lead to an unhealthy habit - and this is what often causes many issues. Alcohol can cause damage to your brain, organs and body; and it can also cause issues such as cancer and diseases to certain organs.

Alcohol Effects on The Body, Mind & Spirit

How to overcome an alcohol addiction

Alcohol isn't considered a good substance by any means and it can seriously affect the lives of those who abuse it. As a result, free rehab centres were introduced across the world to offer treatment programs and specialist care to help alcoholics to overcome their addictions. Many people are helped and their lives changed forever by simply entering a program and receiving proper treatment.

Alcoholism is a serious condition and it can be very difficult to break free from it alone. Rehab centres have experts on mental and physical health, as well as people who know all about addiction. They can even help to prevent the chances of relapse after the treatment program is over, too!

How To Find Help With Addiction:

Drug Addiction - the worst addictive drugs

There are many different drugs and they all affect people in different ways. Not all of them are addictive, but the ones that are bring people back for more until they can't stop taking them alone, even if they want to.

This article will show you some of the most addictive drugs and also how people struggling with an addiction to a substance can recover from their narcotic dependency.


OxyContin (which is the brand name for oxycodone) is a very powerful synthetic opiate - and like heroin, it produces feelings of intense euphoria.

This drug is not only incredibly addictive, but it's also sometimes a gateway drug for heroin (which means that people move on from it to heroin), too. There are a variety of dangers that come with abusing oxycodone and the fact that it's very addictive makes it hard for people to stop before these issues are caused.


Cocaine is well known for being one of the most addictive drugs around. It’s as potent as it is because its ‘highs’ are both powerful and short lived - and it produces large amount of dopamine in the brain whilst a person is intoxicated.

When people who are addicted try to stop taking cocaine, they will experience many unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, making it incredibly difficult for addicts to overcome their narcotic dependency.


Crack is a substance made from baking soda and cocaine - and although crack is a version of it, it's not as pure. The main difference between the two is that crack is smoked, whereas cocaine is snorted.

This method lets the drug go into the lung tissues and this makes it almost completely different from usual cocaine. The high of crack is much stronger and faster than the high of cocaine, and this makes a user crave it even more.

Not only that, but the withdrawal symptoms are worse, too.

How to get help at an addiction treatment program

Although these drugs are so addictive that they can alter a person's life drastically, addicts can get help to overcome their dependency. With expert care and treatment, along with help from addiction, medical and psychological specialists at an addiction treatment center, addicts are given the best opportunity to overcome their dependency.

Not everybody recovers from their addiction, though. Even with the expert care, some people aren't able to get over their dependency. However, the experience can sometimes help those people to recover on their own, or even go back for more treatment to reinforce the initial support.

These drugs all carry a risk of overdose.

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Can Hepatitis C Be Effected By Drug Addiction And Abuse

Although quite a common virus, not many people actually know what hepatitis is, or how it effects the lives of its sufferers. A potentially life-threatening disease, it effects the functioning of the liver and the results can worsen overtime.

Alcohol can exasperate the condition, but can drugs?

As the liver primarily functions to detox the body, it’s easy to see how alcohol can effect someone with hepatitis C. In terms of liver damage, alcohol can prevent an early diagnosis from cure – and can develop into much more severe conditions.

And drugs work in the same way.

The more work that the liver has to do, the more damage can occur. Ongoing or chronic drug use causes prolonged strain and can affect the organ’s overall ability to heal and regenerate cells.

Although alcohol can have far more prominent effects, drug use can increase the rate of damage - with swelling and scarring being the most dangerous.

What to look out for

Drug addicts using needles and syringes are the most at-risk of contracting this virus, so it’s extremely important for users to pay attention to their general health. The presence of:

· muscle and joint pain

· repetitive fever

· abdominal tenderness (around the liver)

· unexplained nausea

· unusual loss of appetite

· general weakness

Can all be red flags in terms of hep C, so taking note of these and seeking diagnosis as soon as possible can make a huge difference to the severity and treatment of the disease.

Treatment for hepatitis C

Hepatatis C can easily be managed if diagnosed early enough, but the virus works to consistently attack the body. This means that the immune system is constantly fighting the virus, so any actions taken can greatly reduce the body’s ability to fight.

What this means is that not all sufferers will develop chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis, but drug-taking will certainly contribute to the likelihood of these events.

Can an addiction treatment center help an addict facing a hepatitis diagnosis?

Rehab facilities can be of great help when facing hepatitis and drug addiction, as these facilities will work with individuals to curb both the addiction and the degeneration of the illness (as hepatitis C spreads, catching the virus early can slow the rate of degeneration, as can stopping drug use).

Understanding a range of needs, there will be medical experts on hand to treat addicts with the hep virus in specific; improving the chances of recovery and minimising the risks of transmission posed to those involved in the treatment at the same time.

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