Effects of Alcohol Abuse

What Are The Harmful Affects Of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is a very dangerous substance and the more a person drinks, the more likely they are to suffer from the risks that can come with abusing it. And, since alcohol is addictive, those who drink find it hard to resist the temptation.

But what are the harmful effects of alcohol? There are many - and they can impact people physically and mentally, too.

Some of the physical affects

There are many ways that alcohol abuse can affect people physically, but here are just some of the issues that are more common and often more serious.

Alcohol abuse can cause cancer - and in many areas of the body, too. Abusers of alcohol could get mouth, liver, breast, throat, oesophagus and colon cancer. Aside from cancer, alcohol can also cause liver and heart disease, too.

High blood pressure (which can be fatal sometimes), strokes, gout and even sudden death can be caused by drinking too much!

What are the mental issues alcohol can cause?

There are not only physical issues, but also mental issues. Of course, addiction is the most common of the mental issues to be caused by alcohol, but other problems can also be created because of excessive and chronic drinking.

Dementia and depression are two of the mental health problems that can be created by alcohol abuse; and alcohol can even make pre-existing depressive conditions worse, too.

Damages whilst drunk

Many people get harmed by accidents and fights that happen whilst they are intoxicated (or drunk). Car crashes are a very common cause of injury and death when a drunk person is driving, harming themselves and people in other vehicles.

Alcohol abuse can increase the risk of injury - and can also sometimes lead to death. Whilst intoxicated, people are less in control and are likely to put themselves (and others) at risk of harm.

Most of the dangers that come with alcohol abuse actually happen whilst people are drunk. Many accidents can occur and even falling over can cause unnecessary damage. However, fights in bars also add to the many dangers of alcohol injuries and deaths caused by intoxication, too.

How can rehab help?

Rehab centres offer treatment and care for those who are struggling to fight their addiction. With expert care and help, the professionals who work at rehabilitation facilities are able to work with patients and help them to overcome their dependency on alcohol.