Dr Alex Carter

About me

I take an active approach to philosophy. In other words, Philosophy ought to be about changing how we think and act. I do this by exploring and exposing problems. The goal is not always to attain knowledge—although this is nice—rather, I aim to dispel false certainties (dogmas). This helps my students to be more open-minded, more creative and more inquisitive. Philosophy ought to begin, and should often end, in wonder.

I was awarded my PhD in Philosophy by the University of Essex in 2015. Before this, I studied Philosophy & Ancient History at the University of Wales, Swansea and Philosophy at the University of Bristol. I have taught adults of all ages for over a decade. My teaching method was developed at the University of Essex where the principal aim is to get students to feel the "pain of the problem", i.e. to make plain the very real ways in which philosophical problems affect our lives. Accordingly, I am keen to support any philosophical project that has the potential to inform contemporary debates and effect change. 

My Research Interests: