Welcome to Huaxiao "Adam" Yang's Lab

University of North Texas, Biomedical Engineering

We apply cutting-edge multiscale biomedical engineering tools and pluripotent cell technologies to understand and treat human cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), such as myocardial infarction, familial cardiomyopathies, congenital heart diseases, and cardiovascular toxicity. The multiscale bioengineering tools include nano-/micro- fabrication, nano-/micro- patterning, single-cell manipulation, micro-/macro- fluidics biochips, 3D bioprinting, 3D culture, in vitro and in vivo live-cell imaging and tracking, genome-editing, and animal models.

The long-term goal is to establish the next-generation tissue engineering system for modeling and treating cardiovascular diseases. The next-generation tissue engineering system will revolutionize the understanding and therapies on CVDs through synergizing the emerging biomedical technologies, such as 3D cell culture/organoid, organ-on-chip, CRISPR genome-editing, patient-specific induced pluripotent cells, and single-cell OMICS.