Commercial & Residential Water Services

Water damage is a term used to describe any kind of loss caused by water intruding in areas where it should not be, and in which it enables destructive processes as rusting of steel, rotting of wood, de-laminating of materials, etc.

Many factors can cause water damage such as heavy rains and flooding, bursting or leaking pipes, issues with the plumbing system, faulty appliances, and more. That being said, it is important to determine which ones you are highly predisposed to (e.g. flood if you live in a low-lying area) so that you can take the necessary precautions before water ruins everything.

Otherwise, you can always count on specialists in water damage to help you restore your property to a livable state.

Water Damage Restoration

It goes without saying that immediate action is crucial in any case of water damage. This is to ensure that the damage is kept to a minimum. Moreover, stagnant water is quick at destroying things that get in contact with it,and is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, molds, and other harmful organisms.

So, how does restoration take place in such a condition?

There are several process we use and while these may all seem like daunting tasks, they are best done by specialists in this industry. Besides,it is usually uncommon for homeowners to have the necessary equipment for restoration.

Water Removal

A thorough assessment of the property will reveal the amount of water that has to be removed and the extent of damage that needs to be addressed. After this, highly-trained hands will come in to move out the client’s belongings as necessary and start with the water removal process.

These specialists in restoration will then use powerful pumps and vacuums to extract the water and then measure for remaining humidity in the air using equipment such as hygrometer and moisture detectors. The goal is to remove as much water as possible.