If you are experiencing water damage caused from appliance malfunctions, frozen pipes, broken pipes, failure of a sump pump, foundation leaks, heavy rains or a power failure, call Action 1 Restoration today. Our experienced team of professionals are available to respond to any emergency big or small, any time of the day or night. We aim to minimize your damages in the fastest way possible.

All our technicians are highly qualified and trained in handling areas such as flooded basements, building materials, carpeting, hardwood floors, ceilings or drywall. We specialize in professional water damage restoration near you and can assist you in minimizing water damages and we prevent the spreading of mold growth, odors and airborne bacteria. Find one of our locations near you for fast water or flood damage repair services.

Commercial & Residential Water Services

Water damage is a term used to describe any kind of loss caused by water intruding in areas where it should not be, and in which it enables destructive processes as rusting of steel, rotting of wood, de-laminating of materials, etc.

Many factors can cause water damage such as heavy rains and flooding, bursting or leaking pipes, issues with the plumbing system, faulty appliances, and more. That being said, it is important to determine which ones you are highly predisposed to (e.g. flood if you live in a low-lying area) so that you can take the necessary precautions before water ruins everything.

Otherwise, you can always count on specialists in water damage to help you restore your property to a livable state.

Water Damage Restoration

It goes without saying that immediate action is crucial in any case of water damage. This is to ensure that the damage is kept to a minimum. Moreover, stagnant water is quick at destroying things that get in contact with it,and is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, molds, and other harmful organisms.

So, how does restoration take place in such a condition?

There are several process we use and while these may all seem like daunting tasks, they are best done by specialists in this industry. Besides,it is usually uncommon for homeowners to have the necessary equipment for restoration.

Water Removal

A thorough assessment of the property will reveal the amount of water that has to be removed and the extent of damage that needs to be addressed. After this, highly-trained hands will come in to move out the client’s belongings as necessary and start with the water removal process.

These specialists in restoration will then use powerful pumps and vacuums to extract the water and then measure for remaining humidity in the air using equipment such as hygrometer and moisture detectors. The goal is to remove as much water as possible.

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Hiring The Right Company For Water & Flood Damage Restoration

If your home has ever been flooded by a heavy rainstorm or a broken pipe, you know how difficult it can be to clean up the mess. To make sure that your home is restored to a livable state as quickly as possible, you need to hire the pros. Calling in an experienced flood damage restoration team is the best way to go.

Minor Or Major Floods Need Repairs Right Away

Even for minor floods that are contained to a small space, having an expert come in and assist with the cleanup is a good idea. Water is a tricky substance and it can easily get into places where it cannot be seen. If flood waters get underneath your floors or behind your walls, they can cause unseen damage for weeks. By the time you notice a problem, it can be too late to do anything.

A good flood damage firm will conduct a thorough and detailed inspection of your property, looking for signs of water damage. They will then use specialized equipment to clean up and remove the water, as well as dry out any surfaces or items that have been soaked. With the right equipment, this job can be done quickly and efficiently.

Proper Water Damage Cleaning

It is always important to make sure that any area that has been flooded is cleaned and disinfected to avoid causing any health problems for you or your family. Water can bring all sorts of pathogens into your home, such as bacteria, toxins, and dangerous chemicals. If you try to clean these up by yourself, you could be putting yourself at risk. There is a particular danger if you have young children or pets in your home.

Water can also provide an excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew. The spores of these fungi can cause many health problems if they get into the air in your home. Mold grows very quickly in warm, damp conditions. If you do not clean up any wet areas right away, mold can easily start to grow within a few hours.

Make sure that the flood damage company will inspect your property for signs of mold. If any is found, it needs to be cleaned up right away. When mold is left to grow unchecked, it can cause all sorts of problems. In extreme cases, people have had to abandon their homes due to mold.

Finding The Right Flood & Water Restoration Company

Finding the right company to help clean up after a flood can take some time, so you need to be patient and know what you are looking for. Find out how long a particular firm has been in business and what sort of track record they have. Looking for online reviews is a good way to start, though you have to take some of these with a grain of salt. Floods happen generally from storm damage and you need an experienced company to help you.

You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs Division to find out if there are any complaints about a firm. Use this information to decide whether a particular company is well-suited to your needs. Here are some additional tips that can help you.

Be sure to get quotes from several companies before making a final decision. By doing so, you can compare prices and decide which is the best deal. Be wary of any company whose quote is notably lower than the others, since this can be a sign that they will cut corners and provide lower-quality service.

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A1R Water Damage Restoration

Emergency Plumbing and Water Extraction Services

Few things can be more dramatic than unleashed waters. Water damage may occur as a result of a storm, a broken pipe or a clogged sewer. Floods can cause serious damage to a property, regardless their cause. Restoring your property back to its original status is a priority, but it is very hard to do it without professional help.

Our professional team at Action 1 Restoration can help you with emergency plumbing, water extraction and property restoration services, so that your life comes back to normal as soon as possible. We are available 24/7 all year round, so that we can respond your call immediately, for a fast restoration of your assets.

This is a brief overview of the services provided by the team of experts at Action 1 Restoration. For further details, you are welcome to call us any time and get in touch with our professional staff for getting the assistance you need.

Plumbing Emergency Services

Plumbing emergencies can bring you a lot of stress, as well as serious damage to your goods or even to your property. Such emergencies can be anything from broken pipes to clogged drains or pump malfunctions.

Whatever your plumbing emergency may be, we’ve got a team on duty at any given time, so that we arrive at your place as fast as possible.

Sewage Emergency

Sewage emergencies are extremely inconvenient, costly and time consuming. They may occur as a result of soil settlement, tree roots, grease buildup or as a consequence of flushing inappropriate items down the drain. Whatever the cause, the sooner you call us, the faster we can dispatch a service team with all needed equipment to sort it out for you. We can also help you prevent sewage backups from happening again by installing a back-flow preventer.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage cleanup is a job that needs to be performed at regular intervals in order to prevent your systems from getting clogged. Our specialists can do the sewage cleanup for you in a professional manner. We handle everything from pumping out and wiping up the gunk to restoring your carpets and floors, if still possible. The costs for a sewage cleanup and restoration depend on how high your sewage is and how big the space is. Anyway, contact us for a detailed discussion and we are happy to provide you a price quotation for your job.

Emergency Water Shut Off and Extraction

Our certified restoration experts can deal with any kind of water removal emergency. Following your emergency call, a professional team will come on site, with everything they need, with all the tools and equipment for extraction of the water from your property.

You’ll also receive instructions on measures you should take yourself before our team arrives, so that you minimize the water damage to your property and to your belongings inside. We are going to guide to to shut off the water, turn off the electricity and remove your breakables and valuable items. You’ll also learn what not to do, so that you avoid an electric shock.

The Action 1 Restoration emergency team will bring water extraction equipment into your home to physically remove all water from the floors as well as from carpets and upholstery. If needed, we are going to remove the padding or the carpets for proper drying.

Thanks to our extraction and drying techniques, the possibility of secondary damage is drastically minimized, as well as the risk of microbial growth. By using the latest state of the art technology, we are also able to maintain the cost of our services relatively low. Our team of experts is well-trained and experienced, therefore showing a high level of effectiveness in doing their job. This also translates in saving for you, as well as in the peace of mind that your property will be saved from disaster.

The Action 1 Restoration 24 hour emergency call center is ready to take on your calls at any given time. In case of emergency, don’t waste valuable time, pick up the phone and get in touch with one of our experts in emergency plumbing and water damage restoration. Our team is ready to help you in a professional and effective manner, so that your damage is minimal.

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