American Chinese Academy (ACA)

WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT ACA STARTALK Chinese Summer Camp: Earth Is Our Home, has been selected for funding in 2024

American Chinese Academy (ACA) 2023 STARTALK Summer Program (Theme: The Earth is Our Home) will provide a 3-week integrated Chinese language, culture and STEAM learning opportunity for K-5 non-heritage students in summer 2024 (June 24 to July 11), Mondays through Thursdays (except July 4) at Cherokee Lans Elementary School within the Prince George’s County Public Schools. This in-person program will be offered to students free of charge. Participants will receive technology-enhanced language instruction around different topics about Earth and environment protection. 

We are excited to share that the ACA 2024 STARTALK Summer Program is now open for registration!

Please register your child/children today!

American Chinese Academy (ACA) is a 501(c) non-profit organization based in Washington, DC metropolitan area. 

ACA is organized and operated exclusively to benefit scientific, literary, educational, or other charitable organizations and to further scientific, literary, educational or other charitable purposes. Specifically, ACA is dedicated to Chinese language education.