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AavaDental is committed to delivering the highest quality care for our patients. When you visit one of our offices, we will develop an individual dental treatment plan that will provide you exceptional dental care at an affordable price.

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Your oral health, comfort and safety are top priorities at AavaDental offices. Cleanliness is our business! AavaDental offers quality dentistry in Southern California.

Our offices are equipped with cutting-edge equipment.
We offer intra-oral cameras, digital X-rays, panoramic radiography, and CT Scan Machine.

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Your dentist is only a partner in helping you maintain your dental health but in the end, it all depends on how well you do your part in making sure your oral health is maintained.


While many people celebrate the day when their braces are being taken off, little do they realize that how much care they have to take to ensure the result of their braces stay the same in the long run.

The most asked question by one who has braces is how can I get my braces off faster which is a very relevant question. While braces are used to straighten your teeth and make them look better as the time required for each patient

Having braces is not only an investment for your future but it also helps you get the perfect smile. A straight smile does not only look good but also helps to prevent unnecessary warning of your teeth and makes it strong.

Every house has a toddler who has tiny teeth or is expecting come soon. Even if you don’t have one in your house, there are high chances that you interact with one on a daily basis maybe as a teacher or a care taker.

What We Offer

Aava Dental High-Tech Offices

Our offices are equipped with cutting-edge equipment. We offer intra-oral cameras, digital X-rays, panoramic radiography, and CT Scan Machine. In addition, we also provide the most up-to-date treatment options, such as implant-supported dentures.

Almost Like You Are At Salon

Hand Paraffin Units. Hot and moist facial towels.

Personalized Lip Balm. Blankets for every patients. Headphones or video glasses. Offer free coffee, tea, snacks, and bottled water.

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Our dentists are very experienced in all areas of dentistry. All of our staff, including our skilled specialists, highly trained RDAs (Registered Dental Assistant), welcoming receptionists and vitality important clerical and administrative professionals are dedicated to serving the special needs of our patients.


When you visit our office, you will experience all that modern dentistry has to offer, including a comprehensive list of general, restorative, and cosmetic dental services to meet the needs of the whole family.

Our goal is to assist each patient in achieving and maintaining long term dental health and a beautiful smile.

Aava Dental also believes in giving back to our communities and unions. Let us know if we can do something for your charity.

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At Aavadental S. California, we consider ourselves a pioneer in dental care and strive to provide our patients with a comfortable patient experience while receiving comprehensive dental treatment and care.

Utilizing state of the art technology in our office ensures that our patients receive the most sophisticated dental care while under the supervision of our professional dentists.