Research Experiences

Dive into discovery

To pursue knowledge, to generate discoveries that advance our ability to solve environmental challenges - that is what research is all about.

Put Learning into Action

Get hands-on experience and discover what sparks your interest when you participate in engaged learning. Through a research experience you will not only gain skills that will catapult into your future, you will gain a network of professionals that will serve as life-long mentors.

A Research Group for Every Passion Under the Sun and Sea

In the many small and large research groups, institutes and centers, and in every subject imaginable, School for the Environment students are designing new technologies, discovering new genes, uncovering Earth's climate history, and ensuring economic prosperity and a just future for urban communities.

School for the Environment Research Experiences

Faculty in the School for the Environment offer a wide variety of research opportunities. Post-doctoral investigators and graduate students round out a network of research mentors that, in collaboration with faculty, ensure that undergraduate researchers gain the experiences they need to succeed.

Research opportunities are often shared via our social media channels so be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Visit EnvSchool Research for more information about on-going research in the School for the Environment. Also visit our Nantucket Field Station for island-based research opportunities.

If you'd like assistance in finding an opportunity, just complete the Research Experience Inquiry form.

UMass Boston Research Experiences

The University offers a number of research programs open to majors from across campus including those in the School for the Environment. These include:

National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates

The National Science Foundation provides support for research experience for undergraduates (REU), typically in the summer, across the US and in a breadth of disciplines including the social sciences.