Cooperative Education

Triumverate Environmental Co-op Program

The UMass TEI Scholars program is your path to educational, professional, and financial success.

TEI Scholars participate in a cooperative (co-op) education program designed to lead to full-time employment in one of the fastest growing global employment sectors. Triumvirate Environmental (TEI) is a leading provider of enterprise waste management and environmental services to Healthcare, Education, Life Sciences, and Industrial markets.

About the Program

Cooperative education (co-op) is a structured educational experience combining class-based learning with practical work experience. Students earn academic credit for their work and gain high demand skills.

Who is the Program for?

TEI Scholars are drawn from students in the School for the Environment. To be eligible you must have completed 60-credits towards your degree. You must have a clean driving record and have, or be eligible for, a drivers license. While a commercial drivers license (CDL) is ideal it is not mandatory.

What does the program entail?

As you approach 60 credits you can apply for admission to the program. If accepted you will complete your remaining 60-credits online while working full-time (and being paid well) at Triumverate Environmental, in the Boston area, as an Environmental Technician.

What are the benefits of being in the program?

Aside from real-world experience, you will earn a competitive salary with full benefits and Triumverate Environmental will cover the cost of your tuition until you complete your degree. As long as you remain in the program you will receive these benefits.

How do I sign up?

To be considered for the program you need to apply and to do that AASC@SFE will work with you to make sure you are on track to participate in the program and, through the experience, successfully complete your undergraduate degree. So the first step, as always, is contact AASC@SFE.