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African Ancestral Lesbians Untied for Societal Change (AALUSC) is looking for emerging and/or current leaders in the black lesbian community that would be interested in being part of a budding Board and Team focused on social justice, creating space and providing resources for the Lesbians across the African Diaspora.

If you are passionate about sustaining our community and addressing the needs and concerns of the community, continue reading to see how you can contribute

Be Part of the AALUSC Team:

In their role, the Board determines and implements AALUSC's mission, vision, and strategic direction, sets policies, monitors progress towards set goals, and provides oversight and accountability.

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Share Your Ideas/Skills

Do you have an idea for or would like to facilitate a group discussion, organize an event or activity, or lead a call to action? If so, let your voice be heard or your talent shine bright

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Community Organizing / Advocacy - Call to Action Events are events organized or attended to address a concern or issue that affect our community. Submit an idea or proposal

Community Groups and Discussion – Groups are member led and may take form as a facilitated or panel discussion, workshop, presentation and other creative ways we choose to share information. Submit an idea or proposal

Community Activities and Events – Social Activities and events are ways to bring members and the community together to socialize, network, live, laugh and explore. Submit an idea or proposal

Community Give-Back – Join AALUSC as we volunteer our time and services to those in needs and other community projects. Submit an idea or proposal