Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events and Calendar (below)


LGBT Kwanzaa Celebration - December 30th - Click for Details

SOMWA Toy Drive - December 8th - Click for Details


Let's Do Brunch: Piquant - November 3rd - RSVP here

Target First Saturday - November 3rd - Information to come

African Dance Class - November 8th - RSVP Here

Giving of Thanks Dinner - November 15th - RSVP Here

Dinner and a Movie: Creed 2 - November 30th - RSVP Here


Lets Do Brunch: Catfish - October 6th - RSVP Here

Target First Saturday - October 6th - RSVP Here

AALUSC Monthly Group - October 17th - RSVP Here

LGBT Film Festival: Solace - October 28th - Get Tickets


Bowling Meet and Greet - September 10th - RSVP Here

AALUSC Monthly Group - September 19th - RSVP Here

Afterwork Meet and Greet - September 26th - RSVP Here

August - (NYC Black Pride Month)

NYC Black Pride:Songs For Marsh - August 14th - RSVP Here

NYC Black Pride: Health as A Human Right - August 15th - RSVP Here - (Monthly Group Discussion)

NYC Black Pride: Open Ceremony - Ignite - August 15th - RSVP Here

NYC Black Pride: Heritage Awards - August 16th - RSVP Here

NYC Black Pride: KiKi Ball (Electronica Ball) - August 17th - RSVP Here

NYC Black Pride: The Morning After Brunch - August 18th - RSVP - Eventibrite - (For the Ladies)

NYC Black Pride: Heritage Ball - August 18th - RSVP Here

NYC Black Pride: Pride at The Beach - August 19th - RSVP Here


Off Month

June (Pride Month)

Salsa Soul Sisters: Honoring Lesbians of Color Archival Exhibit - June 1st - RSVP - Facebook

First Friday at the Schomburg - June 1st - RSVP

First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum - Pride Edition - June 2nd - RSVP through Meetup

Bowling Meet and Greet - June 4th - RSVP

A Luv Tale Screening Event - June 9th - Get Your Tickets

Circle of Life Celebration and Pride Memorial - June 19th - RSVP

Group Meeting: Living Our Legacy - June 20th - RSVP

Harlem Pride 2018 Celebration Day - June 23rd - RSVP through Meetup

NYC Pride: March with AALUSC - June 24th - Sign up to March

Closing Reception: Salsa Soul Lesbians of Color Archival Exhibit - June 29th - RSVP - Facebook

Organizing Meeting: The Black Lesbian Agenda (Follow Up) - June 30th - RSVP


AALUSC Monthly Group - May 16th

Karaoke Meet and Greet - May 24th RSVP


Bowling Meet and Greet - April 2nd RSVP

Women and TNGC Mixer (Bklyn Pride) - April 5th More Info

Living Our Legacy (Group Meeting) - April 18th (RSVP)


Target First Saturday - Brooklyn Museum - March 3rd (RSVP)

Living Our Legacy (Group Meeting) - March 21st (RSVP)

The Black Lesbian Agenda: Community Discussion -March 31st RSVP


Brunch - Sisters - February 3rd (RSVP)

Target First Saturday - Brooklyn Museum - February 3rd (RSVP)

A Celebration of Black Excellence - February 10th (RSVP)

AALUSC Monthly Group - February 21st (RSVP)

Movie Night - Black Panther - February 23rd (More Info to Come)


Vision Board Party and Potluck - January 27th (RSVP)

Member Recruitment Meeting - January 28th (RSVP)