• We take new beginners next time in March 2019 due renovation of JMT5 tatami space.

About our club

Aalto Aikikai is the aikido club of Aalto University. The club is one of the sports associations of AYY, Aalto University Student Union, and UniSport, the mutual sports and well-being centre of Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. Aalto Aikikai is also a member club of Finland Aikikai, the Finnish Aikido Federation.

We train all year round in Otaniemi on the main campus of Aalto University.

Short history

The club started its activity in Otaniemi in 2002. A dojo was established in the student village and the goal was to provide extra training once a week for members of Seitokai, aikido club of the University of Helsinki, who were studying or working in Otaniemi. Until 2011, the activity in Otaniemi was under the title TKY Aikikai, referring to the student union of the Helsinki University of Technology. In 2011, the name of the club was changed to Aalto Aikikai in accordance with the newly formed Aalto University. In fall 2011 the activity of the club rose to a new level as the very first basics course was organised and the number of weekly training classes was lifted from one to four. Since then, the activity of the club has consisted of two to four weekly training classes almost all year round. New beginners are welcomed in the beginning of spring and autumn terms.