Ross Brady, a long-standing member of AAL, says:

In the mid-60s the University of New England (UNE) was a centre of Logic for Australia, essentially due to the presence of Len Goddard and Richard Routley. A logic conference was held there in 1964, attended by 25 people, and after this conference a meeting of 18 of those people occurred, to discuss the setting up of a logic association. Such a motion was passed, to be ratified at the next meeting. The inaugural conference was held in 1965 at UNE, with Len Goddard as President and Richard Routley as Secretary. At the AGM, the ratification took place, initiating the Australasian Association for Logic (AAL).

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And: the original documents for the 1964 meeting and the 1965 meeting.

List of past presidents and organizer:

1966: UNSW, Goddard, Routley, Hamblin.

1967: VUW, Goddard, Routley.

1968: UMelbourne, McGechie, Townsend.

1975: ANU, McGechie, McRobbie.

1976: ANU, Routley, McRobbie.

1977: UMelbourne, Taylor, Galle.

1978: UQueensland, Girle, Hinckfuss.

1979: MonashU, Crossley, Humberstone.

1980: UWollongong, Bunder, McKenzie. Tribute: Rennie.

1981: VUW, Cresswell, McRobbie.

1982: ANU, Meyer, Mortensen, Thistlewaite.

1983: UWA, McRobbie, Priest.

1984: UNSW, Hamblin, Staines.

1985: UMelbourne, Goddard, Hazen. Tribute: Hamblin.

1986: UAuckland, Segerberg, Kroon.

1987: UQueensland, Girle, Hinckfuss.

1988: UWA, Priest, Slaney. Celebration: Australia’s Bi-Centenary.

Priest becomes the standing Secretary-Treasurer 1988-1995.

1989: UCanterbury, Copeland.

1990: USydney, Bunder.

1991: Darling Harbour, Staines, Girle.

1992: ANU, Slaney. Celebration: Meyer’s 60th birthday.

1993: UAdelaide, Mortensen Roper.

1994: University of Otago, Tichy. The George Hughes Memorial Conference.

1995: UNE, Sylvan, Roberts. Celebration: The 30th anniversary of the AAL. Tribute:


Mortensen becomes the Secretary-Treasurer 1995-2002.

1996: UQueensland, Hinckfuss. Tribute: Sylvan.

1997: UAuckland, Girle.

1998: MacquarieU, Slaney, Restall. Tribute: Hinckfuss.

1999: UMelbourne, Brady. Visitor: Lewis. Tribute: Thistlewaite.

2000: Noosa Heads, Hyde, Roberts.

2001: VUW, Mares.

2002: ANU, Restall, Bimbo.

Brady becomes the Secretary-Treasurer 2002-.

2003: UAdelaide, Mortensen, Quigley.

2004: UOtago, van Ditmarsch.

2005: UWA, Slater.

2006: Noosa, Governatori.

2007: UMelbourne, Restall.

2008: UAuckland, Girle.

2009: UMelbourne, Restall.

2010: VUW, Mares.

2012: USydney, Smith.

2013: UMelbourne, Ripley.

2014: UCanterbury, Weber, McKubre-Jordens

2015: USydney, Smith.

2016: UMelbourne and LaTrobeU, Restall, Kowalski.

2017: UAdelaide, Mortensen, Oppenheimer, Quigley.

2018: UVictoria Wellington, Cresswell.

2019: UWollongong, Bunder.

2020: USydney, Smith.

2021: UQueensland and UMelbourne, Badia & Standefer.