from [March 27, 2023] to [March 29, 2023]

HRI in Academia and Industry:

Bridging the Gap


The use of robots that operate in spaces where humans are present is growing at a dramatic rate. We are seeing more and more robots in our warehouses, on our streets, and even in our homes. All of these robots will interact with humans in some way. In order to be successful, their interactions with humans will have to be carefully designed. The field of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) has been growing at the intersection of robotics, AI, psychology, and a number of other fields, for over a decade. However, until quite recently, it has been a largely academic area, with university researchers proposing, implementing, and reporting on experiments at a limited scale. With the current increase of commercially-available robots, HRI is starting to make its way into the industry in a meaningful way.

This symposium is intended to bring together HRI researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to find common ground, understand the different constraints at play, and figure out how to effectively work together.


 Important Dates

 The goal of this symposium is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in HRI, in both academia and industry, and to form a community that is interested in breaking down the barrier between these two worlds.


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