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Denver Airports From Stapleton to DIA

The MSU Denver Student Chapter of AAAE's own Chapter Adviser, Jeffrey Price, is proud to announce the release of his newest novel. Co-authored with MSU Denver Aviation Department Chair, Jeffrey Forrest , this novel explores "the story of three airports and how they brought the city from cow town to boomtown".

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What is our goal?

Many aviation professionals would agree that the people you know in the aviation industry can greatly benefit your career after graduation. We focus on networking ourselves to those in the airport and airline management industry, even pilots and ATC. We build relationships that extend "beyond the application." We do this through tours, meetings, briefings, and other events with industry leaders such as Denver International Airport, Centennial Airport, United Flight Training Center, Colorado Springs Airport, and many others.

If you are interested in working with a committed team of aviation students looking to achieve long-term career goals (jobs and internships), you belong with us!

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