Feeding the London Extinction Rebellion from Oct 7th 2019

This website was for XR Sustenance in the 2019 Autumn Rebellion. It has been left up for reference.

To contact the current XR Sustenance team please email xr.sustenance@protonmail.com

Please follow & publicise us on

Twitter:@OctSustenance Instagram:OctSustenance Facebook:@OctSustenance

Londoners, please join our broadcast-only Telegram group HERE, so we can let you know when we need a hand!

Rebel survival kit: Pack a bowl, cup, spoon, water bottle, vacuum flask

Please click here to see how you can help in some way, wherever you are. We are ridiculously short of money, so cash donations are VERY welcome.

(Or send books to rebels extolling the health benefits of fasting...)