Milford High School Vocal Music

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Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Competition Participants and Award Winners!

2021 Michigan Thespian Festival Participants

2021 Michigan Thespian Festival Senior Scholarships:

Rachel Martin

2021 Michigan Thespian Festival Thespy Awards:

Lauren Gates - Solo Musical Theatre

Peyton Wheeler - Solo Musical Theatre

Vivian Lakin & Aubrey Snavley - Duet Musical Theatre

Jillian Armstrong, Shea Giese, Vivian Lakin, Aubrey Snavely & Peyton Wheeler - Group Musical Theatre

Julia Kanak, Vivian Lakin, Aubrey Snavley, Ally Wilmot & Tim Dawe - Group Musical Theatre

Jillian Armstrong, Joe Meagher & Ben Mondrush - Group Acting

Amelia Beesley, Tim Dawe, Bryn Graskewicz, Julia Kanak, Joe Meagher, Ben Mondrush & Simon Williams- Group Acting

Amelia Beesley & Allie Mobey - Duet Musical Theatre

2021 Musical Theatre Intensive Participants:

Jillian Armstrong, Lauren Gates, Shea Giese, Ben Mondrush, Aubrey Snavley, and Peyton Wheeler.

2021 Musical Theatre Solo & Ensemble Award Winners:

Amelia Dalbis, Lauren Gates, Shea Giese, Vivian Lakin, Joe Meagher, Allison Mobey, Ben Mondrush, Aubrey Snavley, and Peyton Wheeler.

2021-22 District/State Honors Choir Participants:

Peyton Wheeler


Musical Theatre Solo and Ensemble participants with their medals!

Welcome to our new Vocal Music Director, Miss Brittany Miller!

Miss Miller is extremely passionate about vocal music and creating a community where students feel safe, challenged, and excited. This will be her 12th year teaching, and her first year at HVS. She couldn’t be more thrilled to join the Milford High School team!

Miss Miller received her bachelor’s degree in music education from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago and her master’s degree in Kinesiology from Wayne State University. In her previous 11 years teaching, she has taught elementary, middle, and high school music. She has also directed musicals both at the middle and high school levels and acted as the music director for the Mt. Zion Theatre company. She loves Musical Theatre and would love to talk your ear off, if you ever need or have recommendations for musicals.

During her after school hours you can find her with her three fur babies, Cooper, Daisy and Penny. They love hiking together in the state park by her house, playing fetch, and working on agility training! This summer, Miss Miller ran her first half marathon and has already signed up for two more!

Willy Wonka said, “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” Miss Miller believes that is true for this wonderful group of young people, and she feels privileged to work with them! She is looking forward to taking up the torch of this amazing program and continuing to let these talented students soar!

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Good luck and best wishes! You and your voices will be greatly missed!

2020-2021 Notable Student Accomplishments

Congratulations, Ansley Kopp!

MHS Senior, Ansley Kopp, a member of Center Stage, was named the 2021 Runner-up for Best Actress at the Sutton Foster Ovation Awards (statewide musical theatre competition). Be sure to come see her as Toffee in this summer’s production of Zombie Prom!

Congratulations, Hunter McCauley!

MHS Senior, Hunter McCauley, a member of Center Stage, was chosen as one of the Top Ten Thespians in the state by winning the prestigious Thespian Scholarship at the 2020 Michigan Thespian Festival. Be sure to watch him play Jonny in this summer's production of Zombie Prom!

Congratulations, Peyton Wheeler!

MHS Sophmore, Peyton Wheeler, a member of Choraleers, was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the 2021 International Thespian Festival and achieved a Superior Rating at ITF on her Musical Theatre Solo!

Congratulations, MacKenzie Collins!

MHS Junior, MacKenzie Collins, a member of Center Stage, was selected as one of 10 finalists for the 2021 Italian Songs and Arias Vocal Competition! She also received the Madrigal Chorale Scholarship!

Congratulations, Julia Salvati!

MHS Senior, Julia Salvati, a member of Center Stage, was selected from a group of Solo and Ensemble participants to perform a solo at this year's Michigan Youth Arts Festival!

Congratulations, Jillian Armstrong!

MHS Sophmore, Jillian Armstrong, a member of Center Stage, was selected from a group of Solo and Ensemble participants to perform a solo at this year's Michigan Youth Arts Festival! She was also chosen as one of 8 finalists during the MTI workshop!

2020-2021 Competition Participants and Award Winners

2020 Honors Choir Participants:

Jillian Armstrong, Mackenzie Collins, Abbie Hess, Ayla Jednacz, Shea Geise, Vivian Lakin, David Meagher, Ben Mondrush, Jenna Natwick, Aubrey Snavley, Dylan White, Ella White, Peyton Wheeler.

2020 Jazz Honors Choir Participants:

Jillian Armstrong, Abbie Hess, Vivian Lakin, Aubrey Snavley, Peyton Wheeler.

2020 Musical Theatre Intensive Participants:

Joe Antrim, Peyton Wheeler, Vivian Lakin, Aubrey Snavley, David Meagher, Jenna Natwick, Julia Kanak, Shea Geise, Alison Mobey, Audrey Allen, Jillian Armstrong. Jillian Armstrong was chosen as one of the eight finalists.

2020 Musical Theatre Solo and Ensemble Participants:

Audrey Allen, Abbie Hess, Joe Meagher, Allie Mobey, Ben Mondrush, Jenna Natwick, Aubrey Snavely, Peyton Wheeler

2020 Solo and Ensemble Participants:

Jillian Armstrong, Mackenzie Collins, Lauren Gates, Allie Mobey, Julia Salvati, Aubrey Snavley, Matthew Stewart, Ally Wilmot

2020 Michigan Thespian Festival Senior Scholarship Winners:

Ryan Cleasby, Hunter McCauley, David Meagher, Jenna Natwick, Aspen Snyder, Sydney White

2020 Michigan Thespian Festival Thespy Award Winners:

Aspen Snyder, Ben Mondrush, Jillian Armstrong, Peyton Wheeler, Amilia Beesley, Joe Meagher, Julia Kanak, Mackenzie Collins, Aubrey Snavley, Vivian Lakin, Audrey Allen

Recent Performance Videos and Celebrations

2021 Solo and Ensemble Performances

The performance recordings from our Vocal Music Students have been posted on our YouTube Channel. See the Link to the playlist here to view these great performances.

2020 MHS Choir Virtual Holiday Concert

Enjoy this video performance of the MHS Vocal Music groups performing some Holiday classics for you.

Congratulations to the 2020 Senior Class!

This video is from the Senior class to you to honor the Vocal Music Program and send off the Seniors to their next adventure!

Congratulations to the 2020/21 Advanced Choirs

Enjoy this video that was put together by the MHS Vocal Music performers to share with YOU!!

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