Vienna Language and Mind Group

The Vienna Language and Mind (VLM) group is an informal collaboration between the philosophy departments at the Central European University (CEU) and the University of Vienna (UniVie). VLM is also part of the Philosophy of Language and Mind (PLM) Network in Europe.

During the (common) semester dates, we organize meetings in Vienna for discussion on a topic/paper presented by a faculty member or researcher from CEU or UniVie. Meetings are divided into two sessions every year—Session A extends from October to January and Session B from March to June. The meetings are meant to be attended by philosophers normally resident in Vienna.

Apart from regular VLM meetings, we organize invited talks by speakers from outside Vienna.


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Session A—2022-23 (October-January)

The group will meet on Fridays (13:15–14:45 hrs.) on the below dates:

  • 7 October: Michael Schmitz (UniVie): "Force, content and the varieties of affirmation and negation"

  • 21 October: Mirco Sambrotta (Slovak Academy of Sciences): "Are fictional objects social objects?"

  • 4 November: Benjamin Schnieder & Julio de Rizzo (UniVie): "Mathematical Objects and Mathematical Explanation"

  • 18 November: Richard Lawrence (UniVie): "Signs, rules, meaning, and the chess analogy"

  • 2 December: Naomi Osorio-Kupferblum (UniVie): "Vindicating water"

  • 13 January: Ali Kerem Eroglu (CEU): "Is there a problem of perceptual presence?"

  • 27 January: Damian Aleksiev (UniVie): "Explanatory Gaps: Sparse or Abundant”

Session B—2022-23 (March-June)

The group will meet on Fridays (13:15–14:45 hrs.) on the below dates:


Past meetings of the group have included the following talks:

Session B—2021-22 (March-June)

  • 4 March: Julio De Rizzo (UniVie): "No Choice for Incompatibilism"

  • 18 March: Tim Crane (CEU): "Rethinking the mind-body question"

  • 1 April: Invited Talk by Richard Holton (Cambridge): "Showing, Telling, Learning, Trusting"

  • 29 April: John Horden (UniVie): "Pseudo-Singularity Defended"

  • 13 May: Anne Sophie Meincke (UniVie): "Development and Evolution Reconceived: Lessons from Process Ontology"

  • 27 May: Ruben Noorloos (CEU): "An Argument for Mind-Body Parallelism"

  • 10 June: Invited talk by Uriah Kriegel (Rice): "Phenomenal Privacy: What It Is and Why We Value It"

Session A—2021-22 (October-January)

  • 8 October: Katalin Farkas (CEU): "Veridicality and factivity"

  • 22 October: Max Kölbel (UniVie): "Philosophically Interesting Notions of Disagreement"

  • 19 November: Asya Passinsky (CEU): "Is Social Construction Grounding?"

  • 3 December: Yannic Kappes (UniVie): "Bolzano's Tortoise and a Loophole for Achilles"

  • 14 January: Felix Danowski (UniVie): "Propositional Models"

Session B — 2021 (March-June):

  • 11 March: Nikhil Mahant (CEU): "Proper Names are (Metalinguistic) Predicates”

  • 26 March: Yavuz Basoglu (CEU): “Intentionality and the problem of perception”

  • 16 April: Indrek Reiland (UniVie): “Linguistic Intentions”

  • 30 April: Sarah Fisher (UniVie): "Framing effects and rational decision-making: Putting pragmatics back in the picture”

  • 14 May: Howard Robinson (UniVie): "The Irreducibility of Thought"

  • 28 May: Martin Vacek (Slovak Academy of Sciences): "Against Parsimony”

  • 11 June: Michael Schmitz (UniVie): "The force and content of the conditional"

  • 25 June: Valentina Martinis (CEU): "Is perception an objectual attitude?”

Session A — 2020-21 (October-January):

  • 29 October: Leo Townsend (UniVie): “Discursive paternalism”

  • 12 November: Max Kölbel (UniVie): “Two Conceptions of Concept and their Significance for Conceptual Analysis”

  • 26 November: Hanoch Ben-Yami (CEU): "The Principle of Non-contradiction”

  • 10 December: Tim Crane (CEU): "What is Sainsbury's book about?"

  • 7 January: Triinu Eesmaa (UniVie): "Underspecification - Cases and Replies"

  • 21 Janua: Naomi Osorio-Kupferblum (UniVie): “Response-dependence and language"

The group also discussed Mark Sainsbury's "Thinking about things" in its meetings every alternate Thursday.