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(Recommended 5-10 minutes)

(Get to know them or catch up / Ask a lot of questions before getting started! Keep conversation focused on your customer. Remember - what is a person's favorite topic of conversation? 😁 🙏🏽)

(If customer isn't on ZOOM on time call them and say, " All you need to do is click the zoom link that I emailed you.")

(Once you have the customer on ZOOM, you DON'T need to be on the phone also.)

I want to let you know again how much I appreciate you and I want to make this time fun and interesting for you, so I have some questions to help me personalize the presentation for you.

Now I'm going to share my screen.

(Make sure to check the sound box at the bottom right or left when you hit share screen. Screen share the “Pre-Questions” tab on and have fun with completing the form. Listen closely to their answers, ask questions, and learn about THEM. You’ll do a better presentation, the more you know.)

OK, Great. Thanks for that.

I need to "clock-in" real quick and let my office know I'm starting a demo. (Call Team-Leader, Speaker Phone, Introduce.)

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Setting the Stage


Before I get started with sharing CUTCO with you, is it ok if I share some of my goals with you?

Example: I’m a student at (_____________), and I’m studying (____________). After I graduate from college, I’m planning to (_________________).

I’m working with CUTCO because… (tie in CUTCO skills to skills needed to help in your dream career.) This job is challenging and I'm using it as an opportunity to build my resume and build new skills, so your help really means a lot.

CLICK to SLIDE 2 (Fast Start)

Since I'm in my first week on the job, I'm in a ONE-TIME, awesome contest and I have a goal of selling __________ in my first 10 days. That's a pretty big and scary goal for me, but I'm committed to working hard for 10 days and give it my best effort.

So if you see ANYTHING that you might want to get, ever, give me a shot to give you a super-special-friends-and-family deal and hopefully I can make you an offer that's so great, you'll be excited to take advantage of it.

CLICK to SLIDE 3 (Scholarships)

There are THREE different scholarships I can earn.

The first one is a competition based on sales - it's up to $3,000 per year. (For current students only)

The other two are NOT based on competition - these are based on benchmarks for me to reach.

The CLUB 100 is for completing 100 of these appointments, and the other is for getting at least 10 new introductions from each appointment. (Open to non-students)

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The company created a very simple App called “My Cutco Rep”.

CLICK to SLIDE 4 (MyCutcoRep)

This app allows you to submit some simple feedback on me & my presentation. To get started, I’ll need you to download the APP real quick.

The best way to download the app is scan the QR code on the screen.

Have you used QR Codes like this?

(Help customer with the tech if they need it. If there is a tech issue with the QR code, just text the them and they can click the link)

When you open it, you'll see an option for Android and an option for iPhone. Do you have an iPhone or an Android?

Perfect - please go ahead and click on that option - let me know once you have the app downloaded.

(Once the customer has downloaded the app)

Ok, you can set the phone aside for now and then at the end, I’ll send you my Rep # and our Meeting # to enter so we can make this appointment official.

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Company Information

Transition to Demo

As I mentioned on the phone, you don’t have to get anything and since I'm new, I'm supposed to just read from the script for practice. 😊

BUT I'm also supposed to let you know that when you do see something you like, you can get it today.

My job is to share with you why CUTCO is a great investment, how it saves time and money and why is the number ONE selling brand in North America.

Before I show you the CUTCO products, let me tell you about the company.

CLICK to SLIDE 5 (Company Page)

The CUTCO factory is located in Olean, New York. (O - Lee - Ann)

We have been in business since 1949.

In 2020, during quarantine, we had our best year in company history with over 300 million dollars in sales.

One of the reasons CUTCO is so popular is because it’s American Made.

For decades, the only way a customer could get CUTCO was either through appointments like this, all through referrals and word of mouth.

But now we have displays at home shows and county fairs and in 2014, we started doing displays at COSTCO. That’s a great thing because COSTCO is known for having very strict guidelines for only providing products that have very high value.

I’m pretty new at this, so I don’t work at COSTCO, but I do work on recommendations and by appointments only.

So my main goal is that you like me and you like what you see, so you'll feel great introducing me to some other people who have kitchens and might like to look at CUTCO.

To start off, I’d like to show you ONE of our most famous products that demonstrates the quality of CUTCO.

Page 5

Super Shears


The most famous tool that we make are the SUPER SHEARS. This video has narration so let's make sure the sound works.


People really love these shears.

You'll use them for opening those hard plastic packages that so many things come in these days; and also for opening bags of chips, cutting cloth, herbs, broccoli, so many uses.

Did you see how the two blades come apart for easy cleaning?

They work well for both right-handed and left-handed people. These are dishwasher safe. They are guaranteed against rusting and melting.

Could you see yourself using those shears?

Let me show you where we got the idea for CUTCO.

CLICK to SLIDE 7 (Old Knives Drawer)

Page 6

Disadvantages of Common Knives (Junk Knives)

Do these look familiar? They are the world’s most expensive set of knives!

Many products are made with “planned obsolescence”.

Meaning they are designed and built to be replaced over and over.

The average knife is engineered to break or dull within 1-3 years, causing a high replacement cost.

Most people buy knife sets in one of two ways:

  1. Buy cheap & replace each time it wears out.

  2. Buy quality & replace only once or twice in a lifetime.

CLICK to SLIDE 8 (Handles)

Here are some of the most common problems with most knives:

The two most popular materials for handles on knives are Wood and Cheap Plastic.

Wood Handles usually look great when they are new.

But they can SPLINTER, BREAK, and ROT.

They are NOT designed to be put in dishwasher.

Wood is also unsanitary: it absorbs MOISTURE, like Grease, Oil, Blood, Sweat & other liquids. Also can absorb BACTERIA and can literally transmit disease. Not legal for commercial use in some areas of the country.

On the other hand, there are cheap Plastic Handles.

These tend to Break, Chip, and Crack.

Often these are glued together, so they can fall apart in dishwasher.

They can be dangerous because these handles are often slippery when wet.

CLICK to SLIDE 9 (Blades)

There are two popular materials for knife blades. First is Carbon Steel. We call this the WILL knife.

It WILL stay sharp longer.

It WILL also rust and corrode which is very unsanitary!

The more popular option in recent years is Stainless Steel and we call this the Won’t Knife.

It WON’T rust or corrode.

It’s also a soft metal that WON’T stay sharp and is difficult to sharpen.

Here’s a trick question…

Which do you feel is more dangerous: A sharp knife or a dull knife?

A dull knife is more dangerous because more pressure needed when cutting and since its so dull, it's easy to slip.

Page 7

Features and Benefits (Quality Page)

Let me show you how CUTCO has solved all these problems.

CLICK to SLIDE 10 (Quality)

What do you notice different about the handle?

This design is called the Universal Wedge-Lock Handle.

  • Designed by Dr. Thomas Lamb - in his lifetime he was the world's foremost authority on the human hand—researched over 700 pairs of hands in creating this design.

  • It fits most any hand—right, left, big, or small.

  • Thumb and forefinger lock into place—for better control and safety.

  • More comfortable and safe design—reduces hand-fatigue and slipping.

The Handle Material is called Thermo-Resin.

  • Not a cheap wood or plastic, but a tough synthetic polymer.

  • It will resist melting, chipping, cracking, and breaking.

  • It won't fade, stain, or absorb moisture or bacteria because it's non-porous and completely sanitary.

  • It’s also dishwasher safe and resists melting up to 330 degrees.

The steel used for the CUTCO blades is a High-Carbon Surgical Stainless Steel.

Like Stainless Steel , it won’t rust, pit, or corrode and is easy to clean.

But like High-Carbon steel, it resists dulling and holds a sharp edge - So it's the best of both worlds.

(It’s 440A Stainless and rated 55-57C on the scale of Rockwell Hardness.)

This last feature is called the World Famous Double-D Edge.

I'm going to let one of my managers explain this edge and demonstrate what makes this knife a "cut above the rest"...

CLICK to SLIDE 11 (Double-D Edge)

This is like a home movie he made in his back yard. I think you'll like it. It's 4 minutes 45 seconds.


OK, so what impressed you MOST with what you've seen so far? (Acknowledge what they say then continue - it's ok to have a conversation here - Double-D®, handle design, type of steel, handle materials, etc.)

CUTCO is one of the only products that you buy once, use every day, and never have to replace. And that brings us to the FOREVER GUARANTEE.

Page 8

Forever Guarantee

CLICK to SLIDE 12 (Forever Guarantee)

Forever is way better than a lifetime guarantee. CUTCO is often passed from generation to generation.

There are a few parts to the forever guarantee. With the forever performance and sharpness guarantee, you can have your CUTCO fixed or sharpened for free, forever, either by sending it back to the upstate New York factory, or calling our local office and we can send someone to your house and do the sharpening.

And there's the 15-day trial period that starts when you receive your product, if you don't think it's worth every penny, we'll take back anything that you don't love, and you only keep what you do love! The 15 days is actually 15 business days, so it's three weeks.

I hope I'm doing an OK job at helping you see why people love CUTCO so much, but you shouldn't just take my word for it - here's 1 minute 41 seconds of CUTCO owners talking about it.

CLICK to SLIDE 13 (Testimonials)


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Intro to the SETS

CLICK to SLIDE 14 (Three Sets)

This picture shows three of the most popular sets.

I’m going to just start by showing you the tools in our BASIC SET.

As we go through these tools, we can think about how you do things in your kitchen and figure out the things you would use the most.

It's best to have a pen and paper for this part because I'm gonna give you a quiz at the end... Just kidding, there won't be a quiz, but you do need the paper to jot any questions, comments or notes during this part.

And I really appreciate any feedback you may have for me at the end.

Let me know when you have a pen and paper ...

IF YOU ARE ON A FREE ZOOM ACCOUNT this is a good place to restart your ZOOM meeting.

Ms. __________ , Because of the time limit on my ZOOM account, while you are getting your pen and paper ready, I'm going to restart the ZOOM meeting. Just click the same link as before and rejoin for the next part.

After restarting the ZOOM and prospect is ready, CLICK to SLIDE 15 (Basic Set)

OK Thanks - This set called the HOMEMAKER+8. It has the minimum number of tools to do 100% of the jobs in your kitchen as efficiently as possible. It’s a great value for the average family and it starts with your.

Page 10


Paring Knife (2 3/4”) (Slide 16)

This is CUTCO’s “Air Knife” because it’s mostly used in the air, and not on a cutting board. It has an extra-long handle to make peeling and paring more comfortable and safer.

(Play the video and read during the video.)

You’ll use this for small jobs in the air like apples, strawberries and bananas and kiwi.

(Allow video to complete before asking...)

What would you use your paring knife for? answer questions using the PRODUCT DETAILS tab

Remember not to use your Paring Knife on the cutting board, that’s why you have your…

Trimmer (4 7/8") (Slide 17)

This is your “Small Utility Knife” for small fruits and veggies. Watch this and you'll see how smooth this is.

(Play the video and read during the video.)

You’ll never smash a tomato ever again. It's also great for cucumbers, oranges, lemons, and limes and awesome for slicing raw chicken into strips. (answer questions using the PRODUCT DETAILS tab)

You've seen three different color handles; which color do you like better, the dark brown, the red or white handles?

Great choice! The ________ is nice.

Everyone loves the versatility of the Trimmer, but it's not used for spreading or serving, that’s why you have your…

Spatula Spreader (5") (Slide 18)

(Play the video and read during the video.)

The wide, flexible Double-D® edge on this tool allows you to cut, spread, and serve things like sandwiches, bagels, lasagna, and cake! It's perfect for getting peanut butter and jelly out of a jar with super smooth spreading or getting brownies out of the pan.

What would you see yourself using this one for?

Yes, perfect, but you'd never want to use this tool for something like meat or larger vegetables, that’s why you have your...

Petite Carver (6 3/4”) (Slide 19)

(Play the video and read during the video.)

This “Medium Utility Knife” is your everyday knife great for carving chicken and small roasts. It’s also for medium sized fruits and vegetables like melons, eggplant, or cabbage. This is a fantastic tool for the difficult job of slicing pineapple.

The Turning Fork has three tines that are extra sharp and beveled on the bottom to make it easy to pick up and turn meats and veggies while cooking. It's also great for getting pickles and olives out of jars.

(Allow video to complete before saying...)

None of the tools we've seen so far are used for larger foods, that’s why you have your...

Butcher Knife (8 1/8") (Slide 20)

(Play the video and read during the video.)

This “Heavy Duty” knife is what you'll use to disjoint chicken. It's also great for larger melons, hard spaghetti squash and acorn squash. It works great for separating frozen foods like hot dogs and hamburgers.

Can you see some great uses for the Butcher Knife? (answer questions using the PRODUCT DETAILS tab)

The Butcher Knife protects your other knives because it's the only tool in the basic set strong enough for those jobs ... But it’s not a chopping knife, that’s why you have your...

Petite Chef (7 5/8”) (Slide 21)

(Play the video and read during the video.)

When you chop with this one, the high knuckle clearance makes it comfortable & safer for dicing, mincing, and chopping. This is your “Delicate Chopper” and it's great for the 6 S’s—soup, salad, stir fry, stew, stuffing, & salsa!

Chef knives are for chopping, but not for slicing back and forth; that’s why you have your...

Slicer (9 3/4”) (Slide 22)

(Play the video and read during the video.)

It’s the best bread knife in the world, but it's great for way more than just bread. This is the longest of all the Double-D® edges and it's great for cutting cakes, shredding lettuce, and slicing boneless meats.

Do you see why this is an important tool in the set?

(Allow video to complete before saying...)

Now the SLICER is not for larger foods with bones; that’s why we have your...

Master Carving Set (9") (Slide 23)

It’s like your “Spare Tire”. You won’t use it every day, but you’ll be glad you have it!

You’ll need it for your BBQ, big roasts, and family occasions. Having both forks in the set is important; the turning fork that you saw earlier picks food up while this carving fork holds meats down and it's wide enough to go around the bones.

People use them both together to toss salads and to lift large things from the cooking pan to a serving dish.

Can you see how over a lifetime you’re going to use every tool in your basic set?


To complete your set, these are your awesome Table Knives! This is CUTCO's number one selling tool because people get several at a time and they are used for every meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The wide blade and rounded tip makes it safer and great for spreading, but with the Double-D® edge, it cuts like a steak knife!

We recommend two Table Knives per family member so you don’t have to wash them after every meal and for when you have guests for dinner.

Let’s see how different Table Knives work on some tough leather...

(Play Leather Video and read during the video) -

First is a NON-CUTCO knife...

Now this is the CUTCO Table Knife...

Here a NON-CUTCO knife again...

Now see if you can tell the difference with the CUTCO Table knife...

Could you tell the difference?

(Then next slide)

STEAK KNIVES (Slide 25) (The Steak Knife is the same length of the trimmer but with a wider blade and rounded tip)

For customers who like the feel of a larger "steakhouse style" STEAK KNIFE, our two larger sets - The Family Set and Complete Set - both come with the option for STEAK knives instead of TABLE knives.

The Family Set comes with 10 and the Complete Set comes with 12, so these sets are perfect for the holidays or when you have company, or if you just don't want to run the dishwasher constantly, you'll have some extra table knives or steak knives.


Mrs. ______, it would be dangerous to have really sharp knives floating in a drawer. For safety, most CUTCO sets come with a solid oak WOODBLOCK, which also looks great on the counter. We also have STORAGE TRAYS for the drawer or on a wall. If you were considering a set today, are you more of a block person or a tray person?

(listen and respond to answers)


To complement your Homemaker Set, we also have incredible GADGETS.

Our 4-piece Entertainer Pack has comfort-grip handles and is, of course, forever guaranteed.

(Play the video and read.)

  1. Your CHEESE Knife has large holes so cheese and starchy-sticky foods don't stick to the blade. So many customers say how this is great for potatoes.

  2. This is the greatest peeler on planet earth. It peels both ways, forward and backward. This thing will peel just about anything!

  3. Your CUTCO ICE CREAM scoop is made of a special alloy that distributes temperature so it's easier to scoop hard frozen ice cream. People who have this tell me it's pretty handy for scooping seeds from melons and pumpkins.

  4. The pizza cutter, is guaranteed forever, the blade comes out for easy clean-up, and it's safe for kids because it's actually not sharp; it's the perfect weight of carbon steel to go through pizza crust. Since its easy to clean it's also fun for cutting play-doh onto fun shapes.

Page 11

SUMMARY (slide 28)

Ms. _______, let me review why so many people choose to invest in CUTCO:

  • You’ll always have sharp American made knives that are comfortable, safe, and sanitary.

  • CUTCO is guaranteed forever so it would be the last set of knives you’d ever need.

  • And CUTCO saves a lot of money! Most customers who buy CUTCO eat out less.

  • If that saves just $60 a month, it’s $720 saved this year——Over 25 years you’ll save $18,000!

  • There are several reasons why so many customers choose sets: (READ SLOWLY)

    1. Sets have the right tool for the right job.

    2. Sets have a built-in discount so it’s more affordable.

    3. Sets come with a FREE cutting board and other FREE bonuses.

    4. Sets are much SAFER because they come in a block or tray.

    5. And we have interest-free monthly investment options so you don’t have to pay for it all at once!

Next page for presenting the sets and prices.