ON Nonlinear Diffusions

at ICMAT-UAM, Madrid (Spain), October 16-20th, 2023

In memory of Professor Marek Fila 

Organizers:   Goro Akagi (Tohoku University, JP), Matteo Bonforte (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and ICMAT, ES), Kazuhiro Ishige (The University of Tokyo, JP), Juan Luis Vázquez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, ES)

Scientific Committee: Alessio Figalli (FIM, ETH Zürich, CH), Yoshikazu Giga (The University of Tokyo, JP), Gregorz Karch (Wrozclaw University, PL), Eiji Yanagida (The University of Tokyo, JP), Michael Winkler (Padeborn University, DE), together with the organizers.

The event will be streamed in Youtube Channel of ICMAT

The Program, Book of Abstracts and Poster can be found below

Slides are now available except for the blackboard talks

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The workshop will take place at ICMAT - Google Maps Link

Main lectures:

Remembering Professor Marek Fila, by Juan Luis Vázquez, John King and Eiji Yanagida

Invited Speakers: