NC Census Outreach & Engagement Toolkit

The NC Census Outreach & Engagement toolkit provides a collection of digital tools and resources for individuals, groups, organizations and other partners to help facilitate census awareness opportunities. Please continue to visit the NC Census webpage as additional resources will continue to be added.

Outreach Ideas

Communicating about the 2020 Census can take many forms. We are in the last 1-2 months of high-volume outreach and have suggestions for making a quick impact. Resources within the toolkit can support the below efforts:

  • Add the “Make NC Count” logo and branding/visuals to your email signature, websites, newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Share information about the 2020 Census within your networks – we offer social media content, a PowerPoint presentation, talking points, speech drops, and newsletter articles.
  • Engage your organization or community in promoting the census – we offer an engagement handout in our Outreach Tools section.
  • Host a Census Day event on April 1st to encourage people to respond and if possible, provide internet access, computers, or mobile devices for people to submit their responses.
  • Educate – we have several educational tools to help people understand the basic information about the census and why it is SAFE, EASY and IMPORTANT.
  • Follow @nccensus on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and share posts on your social media channels (please tag us and use the #MakeNCCount hashtag).

Did you know?

The website can be translated into more than 50 languages. Just locate the language drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and select your language. Full site functionality is offered in English and Spanish, with limited pages available in other languages. As you work within your communities and networks, this can be a great way to engage and help people overcome concerns about the census and barriers to responding.

About the Toolkit

The NC Census Outreach and Engagement Toolkit was developed by the NC Complete Count Commission in partnership with the State Library of North Carolina.

Contact us for more information or questions.