The 2019 Australian Schools Teams Chess Championships

...was brought to you by the ACT Junior Chess League on behalf of the Australian Chess Federation. Thank you to the players, team co-ordinators, parents, schools and coaches for supporting this event.

Thank you to Canberra Grammar School for their generosity in allowing us to use their superb War Memorial Hall and first class facilities. A special thank you to Canberra Grammar School's Master of Chess David Messina who not only made hosting this event possible, but who also provided invaluable assistance over the ASTC weekend.

Thank you to our arbiters Alana Chibnall and Shaun Press and to Brad Archer, Leanne Steinman, Evelyn David-Hoole, Ruofan Xu, Joshua Lee and Saffron Archer for helping out over the ASTC weekend.

Thank you to David and Sabrina Koetsier of Chesslife for sponsoring our ASTC participation medals.

Thank you to everyone who helped put away desks and tidy the analysis rooms prior to the conclusion of the event.

If you enjoyed playing in this event, please consider playing in the 2020 Australian Junior Chess Championships which will be held on the Gold Coast in January:

-Kate Woodley (Organiser)