Immigration 2020

  • Our Immigration 2020 Five-Point Agenda focuses on ensuring America can thrive by advocating for policy change that helps new Americans gain the opportunities, skills and status they need to realize their full potential.

Security and the Border

Growing American Jobs Through a Balanced System

  • Immigrants in Pursuit of the American Dream is a fact sheet that focuses on immigrants in the U.S. workforce, highlighting key facts about the employment and education of the foreign-born and limited English proficient population.
  • Immigrants Are Indispensable to the Workforce: Retail Sector Facts is an infographic that captures some critical facts about immigrants in the retail sector of the U.S. workforce.
  • Skills and Training for New Americans: Creating a Thriving Economy That Works for All of Us is a white paper that articulates an overall policy framework for preparing adult immigrants to reach their full career potential and provides an overview of workforce development policy issues. Building the skills of immigrants is essential for maintaining U.S. economic growth, particularly, building English skills for career success, increased credential and degree attainment and improved digital technology skills.
  • English Language Programs Help Immigrants Prepare For Jobsis a blog that highlights a number of contextualized English language programs, and integrated education and language-training programs that offer new approaches to preparing immigrants for career advancement and increased integration.

A Compassionate America: Resettling Refugees and Welcoming Immigrants in Times of Conflict

A Road Forward in an Anxious Time

  • Creating a 21st Century Immigration System is a white paper that discusses the crucial components of immigration reform legislation. These include border security, visa reform, interior enforcement and the opportunity for undocumented immigrants to earn legal status and eventual citizenship.
  • Evangelicals say it is time for Congress to tackle immigration.” This blog post details the results of 2015 survey by Lifeway conducted for the Evangelical Immigration Table and Lifeway. The survey showed strong support among evangelicals for immigration reform that would secure the border and provide for a pathway to citizenship.