1st altian army (1aa)

aRMA iii Modern AAF uNIT - EST 06/23

Enrolment into the unit

The first step to being enrolled into the unit is being in our discord, as this is where all of our announcements for training and operations are.


Operation info

In the Altian army we run on a system where we have main operations on Saturday, sometimes side operations (Not involved in main story line) on Friday. Our community also hosts multi community operations that focus on large scale combined arms gameplay every 2 weeks on Sunday. This system works and will continue to be in effect until our unit grows so large we need 2 operation days in order to give our players the experience they expect. Operations tend to be 2-3 hours long at a time for main operations, and are always combined arms operations involving at least 1 air asset and 1 armour asset every time. During our operations we work with military tactics, while still keeping it simple for those who maybe find it harder to understand the complex information. If we do have members who look to expand their specialist training though, The Altian Army provides multiple different trainings to soldier who look to join different branches in our unit. E.G We have a sniper training where you will learn how to use the complex ace wind and bullet drop system.

Training INFO

As well as operations our unit also consists of training to keep our soldiers in check and updated. We do not stage training days, but we always have NCO's ready to train any new recruits and also current members new skills and tactics to use in operations. Currently as it stands we have got these training's available to the infantry;

For our AF we provide the following training;


Due to the quickly growing size of our unit it also gives us a great opportunity to frequently promote new players, which keeps everyone working very hard and professionally in the unit to earn the promotion and become a NCO and grow your knowledge.

As you can see this is from a earlier operation, with less people. Operation Three Columns in which our soldiers made their first contact with the CSAT organisation while handing over a NATO hostage who had been secured previously in another operation in the unit the week before.

Bishop 2-2

Bishop 2-2 is the newest squad in our unit, and also the beginning of a new second platoon.

Infantry Squads