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Vietnam Images are from many sources. They are arranged in ALBUMS that are linked to this Photos Page.

Photo Images are not 'on' this site ~ but linked to it. The Images are in 'Google Photos' & arranged in named Albums

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18th Aviation Co ~ HQ'd 1st in Nha Trang '61-65...

..then in Qui Nhon from '65-'71

54th Aviation Co ~ HQ'd in Vung Tau '65-70, then Long Than North '70-71

VIDEO ~ from John R. Pinkerton (67-68 SP5 CC 18th / '71 -2nd Tour OV-1s) ~Video is a Otter flight from Tuy Hoa Army Airfield to Saigon.

We are invited to come fly in the Otters belonging to Harbour Air in Vancouver, BC, Canada by John Winter.

John is the Manager at Harbour Air and he has invited us out to Vancouver BC to come fly with our ole' Otters that have been re-fitted with turbine engines. See the video.



If you have good pictures of you or others, places or Otters in Vietnam with the 18th or 54th Avn Co., please do the following:

1.) pick your 'Best' pictures to share

2.) scan your pics into a digital image format (like .jpg) onto a computer.

3.) label them with 'Text' (names & dates) on the pics. If you can remember or guess. Note: You can download a great 'free' photo program like PhotoScape and use it to Add TEXT directly to you picture files. It's a safe program, we have added a Download Link (below) on the Useful Links page on this site or Click here: (

4.) send them via email to or load them on a DVD and send them to:

'Bic' Bickerton / 18.54Aviation / 710 Laurel Canyon Pkwy, Canton, GA 30114-4335

PhotoScape ~ FREE ~ Photo color correction & to Add Text on your Photos

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