• Correspondence Sent to the 100 Nights of Remembrance
  • To our Knights from the Director
  • October 12, 2014 To All our Knights, When we started the 100 Nights of Remembrance tribute several years ago we hoped that like minded Americans would embrace our concept of the respectful remembrance of our hero veterans
  • Thank you from LRCS
  • Dear Noel Taylor, Thank you for the links to the video and pictures. I know that the children will enjoy seeing them. We are just thrilled to have the privilege to take part in the service and seek every opportunity
  • Proud
  • It made me proud to hear that there “was an amazing amount of people”. I have always said that we sound Taps to honor our fallen Heroes, and not as a show or a performance, but it nice to be
  • Thanks from the Red Cross
  • Thank you, Noel, for inviting the Red Cross to join this special event today. We feel blessed and honored to have been invited again and to have gotten to know you. You are a wonderful, caring man—a hero in my mind.