Prescription Refills

We ask that you bring all prescription medication(s) with you to your appointment, even if it was prescribed by another physician.


Please contact your pharmacy to request medication refills. Requests are usually handled within 48-72 business hours. Processing times may vary depending on the availability of the doctor, who for your safety, must review each request prior to completion.


We recognize that sometimes you will need to call us regarding medication requests such as an acute illness requiring nausea or decongestant medication. In these cases, every effort will be made to have the prescription filled the same day. The sooner in the day that these requests go in, the more likely they can be filled the same day. Many illnesses require an office visit to determine proper course of treatment. If you are unsure, please call one our nurses.


Patients taking opiates or other potentially addictive drugs are expected to keep up with when their refills are due. Dr. Anne and Molly expect to see them on at least a quarterly basis to monitor their medical reasons for such drugs. Opiates will NOT be phoned in outside of weekday office hours. Opiates will NEVER be phoned in on the weekend. Don’t even ask. Patients who require chronic opiates will be asked to sign an opiate contract in which guidelines for opiate use are clearly outlined. Opiates are not kept in this office!


We are happy to help out our patients with samples as we have them available. Please be sure to ask the nurse or Dr. Anne for samples when you are in for a visit. Also please note that if you are on birth control pills and must pay out of pocket for your pills, we are more than happy to help out with your pills.