Buena HS Choir

Welcome to Choir!

The Buena High School Choir is a non-audition choir that accepts anyone who wants to learn how to sing! 

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Our "Not-So-Silent Night, Volume 7" is available for digital download on Amazon & iTunes, and for streaming on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and more!

The Buena High School Choir 2023-2024 (From left to right):

Top Row: Ashlee Blas, Nairi Nahabedian, Moira Jordan, Cole Coyner, Adam Karluk, Ezequiel Lluevano, Jonah Gonzales, Nolan Walton, Jaceylynn Chavez, Nissa Lancaster, Sabrina Friend, & accompanist Scott Cooper.

Middle Row: Choir Director Mr. Downey, Madeleine Brackett, Novalee Frowiss, Roel Rubio, Griffin Levi, Joselyn Claudio, Luna Hrdina-Rivera, & Elizabeth Gose.

Bottom Row: Noelia Mendoza, Xreneti Casio-Flores, Tegan Farnsworth, Kayla Madrid, Reanne Bigos, Sakuntala (Haeun) Puengrod, & Amelia Narcia

(Not pictured: Marlina Ortiz)

Choir 2023-2024


"Buena is the best because of our choir class. ... I think it's been a really amazing experience being in the class for two years now, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to join. " 

- Gwen Armstrong

"Buena is the best because of our recording studio. It has helped me write songs and explore my voice, and with that, it's going to help me with my music career."

- Annalie Sherman