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The Latest Episode From the VCSS Podcast, Content to Classroom

What happens when a trusted source publishes an incredibly problematic article? We refute it.

In this episode, Virginia Council for the Social Studies President, Sam Futrell, is joined by Matt Simpson from the Virginia Holocaust Museum to break down Dara Horn's poorly researched attack against Holocaust education. Published in the May 2023 issue of The Atlantic, Horn's piece "Is Holocaust Education Making Anti-Semitism Worse? Using Dead Jews as Symbols Isn't Helping Living Ones" leverages the work of educators in museums and classrooms around the country to get clicks.

Also featured in this episode:

Jennifer Goss, Echoes and Reflections

Kelley Szany, The Illinois Holocaust Museum

Echoes & Reflections Survey

ADL Study, Antisemitic Attitudes in America

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Content to Classroom Podcast

The Virginia Council for Social Studies is excited to bring you our newest resource for social studies teachers across the state and country! Each episode of Content to Classroom provides expert analysis on a specific topic related to social studies and then supplements that analysis with guidance from master teachers on how to apply it in the classroom. The result is an engaging and authentic discussion that will leave teachers feeling empowered to try something new.