mrs. cardinal

Classroom Theme

I am thrilled to be teaching at VHS and have been charged with Information Technology (4 sections), Personal Finance, and Communications / Entrepreneurship (with Mrs. Manning). See class info below. The underlying theme and focus in my classroom for all classes will be teamwork. We will be focusing on developing the virtues of being Hungry, Humble, and Smart within ourselves and our classmates. This year's theme is inspired by Patrick Lencioni's,"The Ideal Team Player".

FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America

Mrs. Manning and I are thrilled to announce that we will be working together to reinstate the VHS FBLA chapter this school year. We will be organizing ourselves quickly at the beginning of the school year and we would LOVE to have students join us in this adventure!

Information Technology - All 9th Graders - 4 Sections

We will be covering a TON in Info Tech. We will be working with Microsoft Office products, focusing on digital citizenship, utilizing newer technologies, etc. Nebraska Department of Education is bringing back the Microsoft Certification this year too, so the goal is for all students to become certified by the end of the school year!

Personal Finance - 9th-12th Graders - 1 Section

Personal Finance is my absolute favorite class to teach. I am biased, but I think it is the most useful class to take in high school. We will explore several different areas related to personal finance to discover how money can work for you. Debt, savings, investments, insurance, college, budgeting, etc. are just a few of the topics we will cover!

Communication / Entrepreneurship - 9th-12th Grade - 1 Section

This class is new to VHS in 19-20. Mrs. Manning and I will be co-teaching it. It is going to be a ton of fun and will help prepare students for the world of business. We will be utilizing several books in this class including Gallup's "Born to Build". This includes their entrepreneurship evaluation which will reveal students entrepreneurial strengths.