Gifted News

Julie Hayden, Andrea Greene and Diane Scarcelli (part time at Diamond Springs) are the Gifted Resource Teachers who work at the Tri Campus schools. Together they serve students at Diamond Springs, Newtown, and Bettie F Williams Elementary Schools. We work with students, teachers and parents to provide a quality education that meets the needs of gifted students. To contact us, please email us at:

Tri Campus Gifted Testing Dates 2018-2019

BFW 5th Grade Screening Thursday, September 27

DSE 1st Grade Screening Tuesday, October 30

BFW/NES Fall Testing 2-4 Wednesday, January 9

BFW/NES Spring Applicants ODS Tuesday, March 5

DSE 1st Grade Testing Thursday, April 11

Parent Applications due:

Fall Testing Wednesday, November 13

Spring Testing Friday, February 1

1st Grade Testing Friday, March 1

Teacher Applications due:

Fall Testing Saturday, December 7

Spring Testing Tuesday, February 26

1st Grade Testing Friday, March 29