Virtual Learning Resources

Online Learning Resources for Teachers

The Virtual Learning Website created by the school division specifically for teachers

Conferencing Tools

Protip - Always check your video background and open tabs before starting!

Remember that millions of people are using these tools to go online and conference. There will be issues with connectivity. Consider having your students join using audio only if bandwidth seems to be an issue. Situating your workstation near your WiFi router is a good practice as well.

Asynchronous Learning Screen/Video Capture Options

Learning Management Options

Misc. Resources

Google Forms

Whiteboard options for use with Google Meet

  • WebWhiteboard - A website that you can create a free whiteboard that you can use while sharing your screen with your students in your online video program. Lots of cool tools.
  • Virtual Math White Board- Use this whiteboard with a broad selection of tools from McGraw-Hill
  • Classroom Screen - Some of you might remember this online site that gives you ten tools to choose from and one is as a Whiteboard. You can share your screen in one of the video conferencing tools and use this to instruct students.
  • Chrome Canvas/Google Jamboard

REMIND- Communications tool

Office Hours

  • Monday-Friday 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Google Meet- use this link to video chat with Mr. Stringent (on live M-F 11:15 am-12:15 pm) If you need to be online live with me outside this time, send me an email and we will set something up.

Password Issues- Teachers-Please use the link to signup for the SSPR system so that you can change your network password yourself. There are times when Mr. Stringent or Mr. Herbert will not be able to help you change your password. You will have to call 757-263 -1111.