Scores, parts, and recordings are online for some works listed below. All others are available on request.


    • Burning, for orchestra. August 1993. (8:00) Commissioned and performed by the New York Youth Symphony under their First Music 10 competition. Premiered December 13, 1993, Carnegie Hall, New York. Sound clip.

Instruments with Tape

    • Aria, for cello and tape. April 1993. Premiered April 28, 1993, Miller Theatre, New York, New York. (7:00) Sound clip | | Score .
    • Borderline, for cello and electronics. Commissioned by Shauna Rolston. Premiered April 15, 1998 at the Vancouver East Cultural Center in Vancouver, Canada. (12:00). Sound clip | Video | Recording | Score.
    • Depth of Field, for flute, clarinet, horn, percussion, violin, viola, cello, and tape. Commissioned by Alea III, Boston. Premiered February 12th, 1997, Tsai Performance Center, Boston University. (9:30). Recording.
    • Idioma, for piano and tape. Commissioned and performed by Sonia Rubinsky. Premiered May 30th, 1996 at the National Library of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. (7:30)
    • Moment, for flute and tape. Commissioned by Robert Cram and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Will premiere in the fall 2002 season on CBC Radio 2. (9:00) Score.
    • Slipping Image, for flute, percussion, violin, and cello, and tape. (Written with the assistance of the Canada Council). March 1995. Premiered August 2, 1995 at the Wellesley Composers Conference, Wellesley, Massachusetts. (10:30) Sound Clip | Score and Parts.

Chamber Works

    • Aspects, for string quartet. Premiered February 26, 1995, Miller Theatre, New York, New York. (8:30)
    • Cygnificant Other, for flute, oboe, amplified acoustic guitar, electric guitar with effects, violin, and cello. Commissioned and performed by the Cygnus Ensemble, New York. Premiered April 15th, 1996 at Merkin Hall, New York. (9:30) Sound Clip
    • Divertimento, for six cellos. Commissioned by the Vancouver Cello Club on the 90th birthday of Audrey Piggott. Premiered March 30, 1996 at the Vancouver Academy of Music. (7:30) Sound clip | Score and Parts.
    • Duo, for cello and piano. Commissioned and premiered by the Guild of Composers, New York. April 1995. (9:30)
    • Fantasy, for clarinet, percussion, violin, and cello. Commissioned by the Empyrean Ensemble. Premiered April 12, 1999 at UC Davis, California, conducted by Brian Hulse. (8:00)
    • Free Association, for piano. Premiered November 10, 1991. (6:30)
    • Piano Trio, for piano, violin, and cello. Commissioned and Performed by the Left Coast Ensemble. Premiered March 2016 in San Francisco. 8:30. Video | Recording | Score
    • Outside the Box, for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, and cello. Commissioned by the Fromm Foundation. Premiered November 15, 1998 at Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada. Performed by New Music Concerts, conducted by Robert Aitken. (10:00) Sound Clip | Score and Parts.
    • Shrapnel, for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, and double-bass. March 31, 1992. (6:50)


    • Four Neruda Songs, for soprano and guitar. Premiered February 9th 2004 at the Green Room in San Francisco, performed by the Left Coast Ensemble, Nikki Einfeld, soprano, Michael Goldberg, guitar. (11:00) Score | Review


    • Cybergarbageland, for computer generated tape. Premiered November 19, 1992. Merce Cunningham Dance Studios, New York, NY. (6:30) Full recording (mp3).


    • Intro Music for "Silver Heels," a film by Caddie Hastings. 1996.

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