March, 2016. Piano Trio: for piano, violin, and cello. Performed by the Left Coast Ensemble. March, 2016. Recording.

April 10, 2015. Divertimento, for six cellos. Performed by the students of Andy Luchansky at Sacramento State University.

Septmber 2014. Borderline, for cello and tape. Performed by Tanya Tomkins of the Left Coast Ensemble. Video of the rehearsal.

November 29, 2010: Slipping Image, for quartet and tape. Performed by the Standing Wave ensemble at the Cultch in Vancouver, Canada.

April 7, 2006. Borderline, for cello and tape. Performed by Caroline Stinson at the University of Syracuse, New York.

April 20th, 2005. Four Neruda Songs. Anja Strauss, soprano, Rick Vandervier, guitar. San Jose State University Department of Music.

July 16th, 2005 Stream of Unconsciousness premiered at the Mondavi Arts Center in Davis, California, performed by the Sacramento Youth Symphony's Chamber Music Workship.

February 13, 2005: Moment, for flute and electronics. Commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Robert Cram. Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa, 8pm. Performed in a recital that also includes the premiere of a piece for flute and interactive electronics by Keith Hamel.

February 9, 2004: Four Neruda Songs, for soprano and guitar. Nikki Einfeld, soprano, Michael Goldberg, guitar. The Left Coast Ensemble. 8pm in the Green Room in San Francisco. Read the review from SF Contemporary Voice

May 7, 2003: B O R D E R L I N E, for cello and tape. Tanya Tomkins, cello. San Jose State University Music Department. Concert Hall. 7:30pm.

February 7, 2003: Outside the Box. Performed by "Erreur de Type 27." conducted by Gisèle Richard. Québec City, Canada.

November 29, 2002: Slipping Image. Performed by Numus. Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada.

January 30, 2000: B O R D E R L I N E, for cello and tape. Performed by Shauna Rolston at New Works Calgary, Canada.

December 12, 1999: Outside the Box. New Millennium Ensemble. 8pm, Merkin Hall, 129 W. 67th St. New York. Ticket info: (212) 362-8719.

November 28, 1999: Burning, for orchestra. CBC Vancouver Orchestra, Vancouver, Canada.

November 15, 1999: Outside the Box. New Millennium Ensemble. SUNY Purchase, NY.

April 11, 1999: Fantasy, for clarinet, percussion, violin, and cello. Commissioned and performed by the Empyrean Ensemble. Wyatt Pavilion, UC Davis.

March 19, 1999: B O R D E R L I N E, for cello and tape. John Whitfield, cello. Christ and St. Stephens Church, NYC.

November 15, 1998: Outside the Box, for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, and cello. Performed by New Music Concerts under Robert Aitken. Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada.

January 10, 1997: B O R D E R L I N E, for cello and tape. Commissioned by Shauna Rolston, Vancouver East Cultural Center, Vancouver, Canada.

Burning, for orchestra. The National Arts Center Orchestra, Mario Bernardi, conductor. Broadcast nationally as part of the 1996 CBC Young Composers Competition. National Arts Center Orchestra, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

December 12, 1993: Burning, for orchestra. The New York Youth Symphony. Miguel Harth-Bedouya, Conductor. Carnegie Hall, NYC.