Mock Interviews

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All seniors at Vantage Career Center participate in a Mock Interview.  The process includes the creation of a resume, collection of references, job application and cover letter, personal interview, and follow-up letter.  This website contains all information and resources needed by Vantage students and business personnel conducting the interviews.  This year's Mock Interview Day March 7, 2023.   (Note: Seniors report ONLY for the mock interview time and do NOT have classes on Tuesday, March 7 due to Juniors taking the ACT).   

SENIORS--On March 7, you are only required to be here for your scheduled interview time.  THE HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE ENTRANCE.   The student entrance doors will lock at 8:20 am.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE LOT NEAR THE FLAGPOLE.  YOU SHOULD USE THE STUDENT LOT AND WALK AROUND TO DOOR #7. 

If you need to ride the bus that day or are riding with someone who goes before or after you, you MUST report to the Media Center when not participating in your interview.  Please be at your interview no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled time.  DO NOT ENTER THE ROOM UNTIL INVITED IN.   Any senior who needs to stay all day can purchase a sack lunch in the cafeteria or should pack a lunch.   If you will be absent for any reason, follow the regular procedure for absences.  If your absence is excused, your interview will be rescheduled at a time convenient for your English teacher. 

IMPORTANT NOTE - Juniors will be taking the ACT in the Commons that day. Do not attempt to cross the Commons.  Also be as quiet as possible entering and leaving the building.

If Vantage would delay on March 7, Mock Interviews will be cancelled for that day.  If school resumes after a two-hour delay, normal school will occur.  If we cancel on March 7, Mock Interviews would NOT happen on March 8.  Instead you would be in lab all day on March 8, and the plan to conduct the mock interviews would be announced later.  If your home school delays or cancels on March 7 but Vantage does not, you are encouraged to travel to Vantage when it is safe to do so.   If you could not make your interview on such a day, your interview would be rescheduled at a time convenient for your English teacher. 

 All absences must be reported and handled as if this was a full day of school.  

Mock Interview Schedule --  

Only viewable with a Vantage Google account.  Parents, ask your student to sign into their school account to be able to see the schedule.