Mr. Metzger's Class

Welcome to Computer Science

I want to take a moment to welcome you to my classes. Computer Science is a way in which we can solve industry problems with the use of Technology. Throughout these classes, we will be looking at different ways in which technology has been used to address projects and the practical applications of CS and Technology within the High Tech industry. Computer Science is an approach and the art of using technology to address industry opportunities. I look forward to seeing you in class!

Standard Expectations:

  • Be engaged with the lesson throughout entire class
  • Participate with classmates, teams, and groups
  • Respect yourself, your classmates, the instructor, equipment and the classroom
  • Follow all school policies that apply to the classroom
  • No Food or Drinks allowed in the Computer Lab at any time.

Electronic Device Policy:

  • No personal electronic devices will be allowed outside the student’s backpack during the entire class period. If Electronic devices (cell phone, ipods, tablets, etc) are outside of the student’s backpack, the devices will be confiscated and:
      1. First Offense: Will be kept by the instructor until the end of the day
      2. Second Offense: Will be taken to the office for parental pickup