18th annual ESRRC


Towards responsible, participatory and reflective citizens competently contributing to an emerging 21st century democracy

Education is the cornerstone of development and change in any society. It has therefore become crucial that issues pertaining to responding to the demands of education in the 21st century in South Africa take priority on a society-wide basis and be addressed at all levels. The role of educators in providing this kind of quality education and ensuring that learners fulfil their educational potential can never be underestimated. However, the efforts of teachers in South Africa are often hampered by a variety of educational and non-educational factors, which make teaching and learning a challenging task. With many schools across the country still deprived of resources, facilities and qualified teachers, the provision of quality education in South Africa remains a contentious issue. Modern South African classrooms are now more diverse than ever before and it has therefore become imperative that those instrumental in ensuring quality education deal with the growing demand for overall efficiency and competence. The need therefore exists to develop a schooling system as true as possible to the South African context, which closely represents a young democracy with its unique blend of diversity. In response to this and as one of the leaders in the education sector, the University of the Western Cape will be hosting this year’s Education Students’ Regional Research Conference (ESRRC) as a safe, collegial space for post-graduate Education students across the four main universities in the Western Cape.

Conference Theme: Education Responding to the Demands of the 21st Century


1) Curriculum Transformation in Higher Education

2) Education in the digital era

3) Language and Literacy Issues in Education

4) Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Adult Education in the 21st century

5) Teaching and Learning in Basic and Higher Education


  • Abstract title
  • The title should be descriptive, but concise.
  • Avoid subtitles if possible.
  • Write the title in sentence case and only capitalize proper nouns and scientific names where appropriate.
  • Do NOT use abbreviations or acronyms in the abstract title.


  • The abstract should not exceed 200 words. This count includes the subheadings of the structured abstract (Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions), but does not include the title, author list and their addressees or key words.
  • The text should be left aligned.
  • Use font Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 spacing.
  • Each subheading should be in bold font, and followed by colon.
  • Do NOT include any tables or graphs in the abstract.
  • Avoid abbreviations; where used, mention them in full the first time they appear.
  • Use italics for scientific names.


Abstract to be sent to Oluwatosin Egunlusi at 3484067@myuwc.ac.za by the submission deadline.


  • Admission fee: R150.00
  • Payments can be deposited into the account or it can be paid on the day of the conference.
  • Click here to book your seat
  • Banking Details:

Name of bank: First National Bank (FNB)

Name of account: The Education Students' Regional Research Conference

Account number: 62616934411

*In order to secure your seat, proof of payment MUST be sent to the below-mentioned contact person

For further enquiries email Elizabeth Idowu Ayano at 3615862@myuwc.ac.za


1st Call for abstracts

Abstract submission deadline

2nd call for abstracts -

Abstract and Presentation skills training workshop

Abstract submission deadline

Notification of acceptance

PowerPoint presentation submission

Conference dates

Thurs, 28 June 2018

Mon, 16 July 2018

Thurs, 19 July 2018

Sat, 28 July 2018

Fri, 31 August 2018

Fri, 7 September 2018

Wed, 26 September 2018

Fri, 28 & Sat, 29 September 2018


  • PowerPoint


Who will attend these workshops?

  • Post grad students who are presenting at the conference

Where will it be hosted?

  • At UWC. Venue information will be communicated to all presenters


  • Sat, 28 July 2018